The first Playstation 4 emulator is currently under development and is called "Orbital"

DSOGaming writes: "Now here is something really interesting. While we still haven’t seen a bug-free Playstation 3 emulator, coder AlexAltea is working on the first dedicated Playstaion 4 emulator for Windows and Linux. This PS4 emulator is called Orbital, is still in a very early stage, and it does not run any commercial games yet."

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gapecanpie210d ago

Nice..... Just a matter of time... it always is...

MegamanXXX210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Took them almost 5 years

Kokyu210d ago

Not really they cracked the Ps4 a long time ago and have been doing homebrew stuff etc on it for years now. They just waited til now most likely because they, like most, believe that Ps5 is likely coming soon.

letsa_go210d ago

@Kokyu, this is about emulating PS4 on PC, not hacking the console to play homebrew.

ZeroX9876210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Well most emulated games comes to a point that it looks better on the emulator than the original console, mainly because of the extra power available. Some games had a hard time to hit a constant 30fps in the previous generation and some of us easily have the budget to afford a PC.

I would gladly pay extra for my consoles If I could get the performance that I'm ready to pay for. They're great budget gaming hardwares for the price you get them though!

Plus if you're like me and owned some old consoles, but they had hardware failures along the way, emulation is a great alternative (minus the extra input lag without a good CRT/PVM)

johndoe11211210d ago

I will never understand why you pc gamers boast and brag about having thousands of games more than consoles and hype yourselves up over the "peasant console gamers" but then go and spend so much time and effort finding new ways to stealing those same games you pretend not to care about. Basically you guys are like the high school kids with pimples all over their faces who wear the thick glasses and their pants belts over their belly buttons, who tries to lord their genius over every one else, all the while talking about how you don't care about the head cheerleader because she's too dumb for you. Then you go climb the tree outside her bedroom window at night with a pair of binoculars in one hand get the point. I'm going to assume that seeing how you guys spend so much time stealing what rightfully doesn't belong to you that you aren't to happy with what you have in the first place.

RevXM210d ago

Emulating games is great, getting old consoles can be a hassle and they break. Still got my ps2 but sometimes I just want to play and with emulation you dont have to dig up an old console and hook it up. And some games run better with some benefits. And some games run incorectly or worse than on the old system and may require a lot of tweaking to run at all. But the point is you can still play older games even when the systems are far gone and thats good. Nice too see someone working on a ps4 emulator now even though there are ps4s on shelfes now and for a few more years for sure. One day there wont be but we can still play games we love now 10-15 years from now. :)

duplissi210d ago

Good on you to group all PC Gamers together as if we're all the same rabid fanboy you encounter online.

sampsonon210d ago

then t will be patched lol. things have changed from 10 yrs ago.

aConIsDemocracy210d ago

it's easier and more fun to just buy a ps4. hacked consoles are just crap. no point.

Menech210d ago

This is talking about PC emulation, which brings a whole set of advantages over console counterparts.

For example being able to emulate Wii/Wii U Games at 4K on the PC with a locked 60 FPS.

The PS4 Emulator will be much more heavy in system requirements one would assume however.

aConIsDemocracy210d ago

my bad. ill will try to read next time. :(

blackblades210d ago

Eh, the ps3 is not even perfect hell ps2 doesn't even work much on nvidia shield tv.

TheColbertinator210d ago ShowReplies(1)
Silly gameAr210d ago

On the bright side, no more port begging.

antikbaka210d ago

Future news about nothing

Jon_Targaryen210d ago

Agreed, it's like the DOA PS3 emulator

gapecanpie209d ago

Dead? There are actually many ps3 exclusive games that run fine and they are still working on it to make it even better... Its far from dead lol....

Jon_Targaryen208d ago

Lol "many" only Demon's Souls works as intended

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