It's true, Atari legend Nolan Bushnell is becoming a cryptocurrency

Games industry icon and legendary developer Nolan Bushnell is having his life’s journey turned into a film if its makers can sell you enough of the Bushnell Token cryptocurrency.


Admin note: after review we'll allow this, but note that the currency is an advertisement for the movie and the coin is really a crowdfunding tool and not intended to become a set and viable currency.

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strayanalog214d ago

The man has had quite the life, so I would definitely buy a ticket. The project is backed by Dicaprio, which puts some weight behind it, and though it is ten years in the making I believe I may just back these guys.‎

SlappingOysters213d ago

Will be interesting to see how the voting mechanic works. It's nice to give fans a say, but are we expert casters?

darkmoondruid212d ago

It's not an actual thing? Damn. We have dogecoin so I don't see why this wouldn't also work xD