Monster Hunter: World's Deviljho Update is What a Free Update Should Be

In recent years we’ve seen a number negative trends, such as microtransactions, so Capcom revealing Deviljho would be free in Monster Hunter: World was a breath of fresh air. With Monster Hunter: World already being a fantastic title, the idea of more of it was, in a word, exciting. Now that Deviljho is roaming the world, is this update a slam dunk or are we thankful they didn’t charge for it?

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UCForce214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

I fought against that pickle monster. That’s thing is non stop killing machine. It’s keep attacking right in your face. No wonder why people love this monster so much and I respect it.

babadivad213d ago

Deviljo is easy as fuck. I was so disappointed. The only thing he has going for him is he seems to have a metric ton of health. I though he would have some attacks that could one shot you or at least come close to it. He hits like a kitten.

Hopefully the tempered version poses some kind of challenge.

ratedviper213d ago

Every monsters is easy no matter the difficulty all it takes is to learn its pattern once you get that down even with a weak weapon you can beat it

babadivad213d ago (Edited 213d ago )


"Every monsters is easy no matter the difficulty all it takes is to learn its pattern once you get that down even with a weak weapon you can beat it"

I didn't have to learn his patterns. I bodied him the first time I saw him.

At least the elder dragons posed some kind of threat(and still do really). They all have a move that can one shot you if you aren't careful.

Deviljho doesn't have any of that. He doesn't hit hard at all. He's weak. He got bodied EASILY, and I'm disappointed.

Hell, I still have to be careful around Black Diablos. I don't even have to eat to body this bum. Again, this was the first time I'd ever seen him.

Like I said before, I hope his tempered version poses SOME kind of challenge. As things stand now, I'm disappointed. Especially after all the hype this monster got.

xPhearR3dx213d ago

"I was so disappointed"

It's free....You being disappointed or anyone else being disappointed is meaningless.You have trouble with Black Diablos, but to me, he's EXTREMELY easy. Deviljo is also an old monster, not a brand new one. There's so much info and videos on his moveset that even new players could potentially take him down easily.

Both Black Diablos and Deviljo are extremely easy to me, but I fight them all the time. Simply because they're fun to fight, and even more fun to watch during Turf Wars. If you've ever played MH before, most of the content isn't hard or that challenging until G Rank. Which will hopefully be added to MHW down the line. The developers have been keeping the game updated with fresh event quest, new weapons and armor, and now a new monster. All within 2 months. Most games don't get that much content in 6 months and if they do, you have to shell out cash.

babadivad213d ago (Edited 213d ago )


I don't have trouble with Black Dioblos. I just mentioned her because she's a FAR bigger threat than Deviljho. Black Diablos at least has a couple moves that can take down a fair chunk of your health if you are hit with it. Which is why I said I have to "be careful" with Black Diablos. Not that I had "trouble" with Black Diablos.

When I first fought Black Diablos I used the Gun Lance so I could block her attacks and learn her movements. I can beat her easily with any weapon now. But the first time I fought her, I used a weapon that had a decent guard so I could study her.

With Deviljho, I just ran in Yolo with the Switch-Axe and bludgeoned the ever loving shit out of him. Sure he hit me a few times, but it literally only took down about 7% of my health.

Him being free has no bearing on how difficult the monster is. He had a reputation of being the "Devourer of Worlds" but he hits like a crippled kitten. That's disappointing.

xPhearR3dx213d ago


You're also fighting this "new" monster, 2 months after the game has launched. There's been plenty of time to grind and get some of the best armor sets. Black Diablos has never taken even half my life with a single hit. Your judgement is based off YOUR equipment. If the primary equipment you're wearing is good against Deviljo, of course he's not going to hit that hard. Tempered Kirin can one shot most people, but with the correct armor and stats, he will barely do any damage.

Again, 2 months after the game came out. Every other MH game he's been in, he was ready from the start. So people fought him multiple times throughout the game with crap gear and weapons. Which built that reputation. That's not the case here. We also don't have a tempered version either. If you want to even talk about a challenge, unless it involves a tempered monster, there's no "real" challenge to be had.

And while they didn't "dumb down" the game, MHW is the easiest MH game. You have so many more things to help protect you than ever before. This is also their first attempt at "streamlining" the game. They didn't want to make it too hard. The franchise has been around over a decade and just now getting the recognition is deserves.

babadivad213d ago


I never would've brought up Black Diablos if I wasn't comparing the gear I currently have. I am comparing my current gear and assessing the damage these two monsters dish out. Black Diablos hits far harder than Deviljho.

It wouldn't make sense to compare two different armor sets. That's like saying Anja hits harder than Bazle. But not taking into account you were wearing low rank gear fighting Anja and High Rank gear with Bazel.

We all know that like for like, Bazle dishes out far more damage than Anja could ever dream of.

And similarly, like for like, Black Diablos hits harder than Deviljho. And the difference in attack strength between the two monsters in Not insignificant.

Seraphim213d ago

I'm assuming you've augmented and leveled all your gear up and have some nice cutlery. The fact is all monsters are incredibly easy and don't pose much of a threat at some point. The only exception I've really noticed is Tempered Diablos. Even with a Max Potion + Armor skin drank + armor skin powder he can nearly one shot me at times taking about 95-98% of my health. That's at HR 124 w/ fully augmented and upgraded armor. Granted not all attacks hit that hard but in this game all it takes is that one shot to put you at low health followed by a tail swipe or them just breathing on you...

The fact of the matter is Deviljho is nothing more than a HR monster akin to Dodogama, Uragaan, etc. Just with more of a temper, much larger in size and with move sets similar to Anjanath. Anyone looking for more challenge should try using some lower level gear not fully upgraded.

I'm happy to see a new monster in the mix and thought Deviljho was pretty solid. Problem is, at this point, even though I'm still having a blast, they can't keep the new monsters flowing quick enough now. But it's nice to see a developer/publisher actually supporting their game after launch w/o asking for more money via DLC or Season Passes.

boderock212d ago

what is your HR?did you use endgame weapons/armor to fight him?if so them go back to low rank armor/weapons and try do it again, that's what new players will be facing as soon they reach high rank missions, i remenber when i started the high rank with low rank armor it was 1 hit to take half of your life, deviljhoe have a real deadly combo, he will stomp, try to eat you tham stomp you again this will take more than half of your life with high end armor, i think it will be enough to kill you when they release the tempered version

babadivad212d ago


My HR is 59 but I haven't augmented any of my armor yet. I don't have a TON of Tempered quest yet so I don't have an over abundance of stream stones like I've seen others have. It seems like a waste to use them on armor at this point. So my armor is pretty much on par with an HR13 scrub [lol, JK].

I also haven't augmented any of my weapons yet either since I can't find the stone for the weapons I actually use[irritating RNG].

I will say this about Jho, he does attack a lot when enraged. That maybe his saving grace. Gives me some hope for his tempered version. He MIGHT be a handful to deal with once he can finally do some damage with his attacks.

babadivad211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Looks like Capcom heard the complaints about Jho and responded accordingly. Tempered Jho is all that regular Jho should've been. A F*cking KILLER!!!

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Thatguy-310213d ago

Everything this title does from the handle of updates to how deep the gameplay is really shows ppl that if you make something good that mass market will flock to it. I'm so happy that this title didn't go unnoticed. It's well deserved!!

Eidolon213d ago

Haven't even finished base content. Isn't there some more free updates planned too?

ratedviper213d ago

There is a lot more but i don't think capcom will bring every monster since they might leave some for a sequel.(who knows)

Ciporta1980213d ago

All other Devs take note. It can be done and this is how you do it.