The Witcher Series' Sales Pass 33 Million; PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC Sales for The Witcher 3 Revealed

Sales of The Witcher, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt passed 33 million units, sold mostly on PS4 and PC for the third game.

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MK24ever2012d ago

Is the guy even breathing?? Damn he's speaking soooo damn fast, everything feels like a single word :S I can't watch this without feeling breathless ahahaha.

InKnight7s2012d ago

I hold my breathing because you are described it. :) What's going on?

Babadook72011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

So acumulatively Witcher 3 sold best on PS4. PC was second best. No surprise.

Imalwaysright2011d ago

Babadook7 It didn't. It sold best on PC.

Gamist2dot02012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Teleprompter or there's a guy holding signs for him to read. And I'm sure he wants to get it over with..or he needs to pee really bad.

moegooner882012d ago

I expected the game to sell better on PS4, but wasn't expecting this ridiculous percentage gap.

Software_Lover2012d ago

PS4 has (atleast) double the install base remember? Considering analytical information it should hold a 200% edge (when calculating percentages) in all multi platform game sales over the Xbox One. If Xbox sells 100, Playstation should sell 200. It doesn't always work out like this but you get the point.

In this case, 2015-2016-2017, the percentage differences were 233%-300%-240%.

Nyxus2012d ago

But there are also other factors to consider. For example, The Witcher 2 was released for 360, but not for PS3. This was the first Witcher game to release on a PlayStation console, in fact.

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tontontam02012d ago Show
ONESHOTV22012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

_-EDMIX-_"PC should be outselling the PlayStation 4 version by a significant amount. " it does did we look at the same chart ???

_-EDMIX-_2012d ago

@one- did we read and understand the post? ????

"by a significant amount"

P_Bomb2012d ago

Doesn’t work that way. Double install base doesn’t automatically double every game’s sales. We don’t all have the same taste, same friends, buying the same games at the same time for the same price.

If install could do that, PC software would quintuple everything. But they don’t http://www.playstationlifes...

ZeroX98762012d ago

About 50% of the total sales was from 2015
23% ish in 2016 and 25% ish in 2017.
PS4 sold more in 2015 and close second in 2016, so either the game overall sold more on PS4 than PC or it's a really close gap between the 2.
It's with charts like this that makes any article about "PC Gaming is dying" just pure nonsense. Release a good product and people will buy it!

Shooters and racing games are king on Xbox, so no surprises that Witcher wasn't a priority for Xbox Fans.

TheCommentator2012d ago

@ Nyxus

There are other other factors to consider, like the fact that so many people who owned a 360 jumped ship and bought PS4 this generation, or that people who own both consoles bought it on PS4... but it doesn't really make that much of a difference anyways because Software Lover is right about install base being the biggest factor.

To those who disagree with Software Lover it's simple: Twice as many customers, twice the opportunity for a sale. It's called a ratio, and it's something kids learn about in grade school. Are you guys going to say that cooking for twice as many people doesn't require twice as much food too? Or that twice the asphalt builds twice the road? Ratios are grade-school level concepts and to ignore them is nothing short of insane.

2012d ago
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Relientk772012d ago

Awesome and we'll deserved. Such fantasic games especially Witcher 3.

darthv722012d ago

Agreed, it is a fantastic game no matter the platform. All the sales it earned, it deserved. I'd love to see a full witcher trilogy for consoles.

SoulWarrior2012d ago

And to think, none of the previous Witcher games are available on a Playstation platform, and it still sold that much on PS4.

Matrix62012d ago

I'd imagine the franchise would easily sell even more if the first 2 games were ported/remastered on the current gen consoles.

_-EDMIX-_2012d ago

Completely agreed you're also talking about an install base of Gamers that cares more about this type of content

Weeblordbad2012d ago

I think it's an install base that buys more games, it's a bit weird to say they care more about this type of content when it's a open world rpg. That and the PS4 ate so much of the Xbox's market that you'd be delusional to think a large portion of the PS4 install base wasn't 360 owners especially in 2015.

But you know, keep that pinky pointy skyward. You're truly more cultured when you own a PlayStation.

darthv722012d ago

A witcher trilogy would make a fine addition to consoles. I've played 2 and 3 but I'd love a crack at the first.

_-EDMIX-_2012d ago

I actually prefer the first Witcher game above 2 and 3. The story is very good but the main focus is the side quest it's really an incredible game. If you could get past some of the bugs it is a very very rewarding RPG. Trust me it's worth some of the hustle to get it to work right on PC

Hardiman2011d ago

I'd be down with that! I played Witcher 2 on 360 and Wild Hunt on PS4 but never got to the original but if they did that I would scoop it up immediately!

Weeblordbad2012d ago

It's kinda weird how much you think that matters, a lot of PS4 owners are people who would have owned a 360 the previous generation.

No one's getting a port of the first Witcher, that's a PC ass game. But its also 10+ years old it runs on anything, try that.

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chris2352012d ago

alright, remake the witcher 3 already. no one wants it, no one needs it, but peeps are getting way too wet talking about this game. so go on. pay for it again, so your itch will be scratched. jeez.

Omnisonne2012d ago

The game is hardly 3 years old, and got several graphical updates..
Does it bother you that much when people show their appreciation for something?

InKnight7s2012d ago

he used to COD the same game same everything just different skins for every year.