The top 5 video game franchises that have never let us down

MWEB GameZone writes: "Celebrating those video game franchises that have just gotten better with each entry."

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Sillicur209d ago

Souls games ftw. Also, now that song is stuck in my head all over again haha

PhoenixUp209d ago

People can still find faults in some of the installments of the franchises listed in this article

No franchise is inherently perfect and flawless

GlitchedAfrica209d ago

Agreed, but its not about being perfect or flawless. Just about the franchises that haven't, in our opinion, had a bad entry. Like AC's Unity for example

Lord_Sloth207d ago

GTA IV was pretty meh as was DkS2. 1st Witcher wasn't great and Skyrim has pretty bad swordplay and fell short of Oblivion.

Also Unity was actually a pretty good AC game. It's just cool to hate on Ubi now so they blew the glitches out of proportion.

Sillicur208d ago

Nothing is perfect or flawless, agreed, but at least these franchises do well consistently

septemberindecember208d ago

IMO, the first Witcher wasn’t that great. Also, there have been a multitude of let-downs for The Elder Scrolls series. Sure they aren’t main installments, but they are still there.

monkeyshawn60206d ago

Agree. I do love Skyrim. That is such a good game.

chaos-emeralds208d ago

Hmm.. Trilogys mainly I see. Gears of war would've fit if they had stopped, same with halo. I see a pattern.

BlahBlahWhatever208d ago

For me the only game series that have never let me down is Metal Gear Solid, MGS 1 was one of the TOP 3 games of PS1, MGS 2 & 3 but especially 3 was also one of the TOP 3 games in PS2, MGS 4 considered one of the best games in PS3, it have a 94 Metascore with 82 in total professional reviews that is all positive, MGS 5 have a 93 Metascore & is also one of the TOP PS4 games, so imo on a list such as this one you can't leave MGS out because Hideo Kojima never disappoint, this guy deliver for the past 4 console generations masterpiece after masterpiece, so how they guy who did this article let out one of the most successful & brilliant game franchise of all time? it really makes you to wonder...

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