Gamertell Review: Buzz! Quiz TV for PS3

Gamertell has posted a very positive review of the PS3 game, Buzz! Quiz TV, which ships with four Wireless Buzzer controllers.

From the review:

"Buzz! Quiz TV, a trivia video game wrapped in a hokey game show skin, not only offers an ample supply decently balanced questions but also promises to keep refreshing questions through online updates and user-created quizzes...

This game works well, is fairly easy for anyone to play and even comes with cute game show-esque wireless controllers complete with a big ol' red button on top. Even if you exhaust the seemingly limitless database of trivia, rest assured there will be plenty more to download, or you can simply go online and beat the bejeezus out of an unknowing opponents."

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El_Colombiano3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL lmao ya rite! tEh Xenon wud eat teh pwr ov teh cell 4 brekfust! Teh xBox 360 pwnzorz teh POS3!!!

/xbot fanboy.

(God that took like 10 minutes to write. How do you 12 year olds do it Zerodin?)

Why o why3681d ago

Get this game. Theres nothing out there like it and its very user friendly and a right laugh

Skyreno3681d ago

wow so many reviews for this game ,showing scoreS 90 and 92 .. i might get it ^^