2018 GDC Awards winners revealed, Zelda: Breath of the Wild chosen for Game of the Year

The award season is just about wrapping up, but one of the last few major events was hosted tonight. Winners for the 2018 Game Developers Choice Awards were revealed during a ceremony at the San Francisco Moscone Center.

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UCForce263d ago

Not surprise, but impressive work, Nintendo.

NecrumOddBoy262d ago

Not surprised either but I do not feel this game deserves to be worshipped this much. It is good but not great. I want to know what makes this game better than anything else last year. I think Nostalgia is the only reason it won. If it was Nani Zelda game, they would have never mean traction.

_-EDMIX-_262d ago

agreed. Some of the same things people bash Ubisoft for was praised in this game

Neonridr262d ago

Ubisoft? What.. downgrades? Lies? missing content? Pretty sure Zelda had none of that stuff..

Eiyuuou262d ago

Fully agreed. Some people tend to completely ignore its many flaws.

Remember people, constructive criticism is necessary for growth!

262d ago
Gemmol262d ago

It was a great game so much fun messing around in that universe, if you went into the game looking for faults you will find some, every game have faults but they choose Zelda because it had less faults

michellelynn0976262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

It won, and it deserved it. And yeah it does deserve the awards. Wanna debate? Because Sony fans who have no bias (yeah right) want to debate experts who make games for a living. Be my guest.

blawren4262d ago

"Nostalgia" is just an excuse when people can't think of anything else. Maybe nothing else was that great either or had less impactful flaws than BOTW. If people aren't open minded and realistic about their expectations, and enjoy what the game provides(not what it doesn't), they may(or may not) find a great game. The prevailing positive opinion of "experts" shows much less bias than any limited view of the world we get from comment sections and message boards.

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-Foxtrot263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Dude don’t...I don’t bring your comments down or make my mouth go when you say certain stuff on some articles. It’s’s a comment site, deal with opinions.

God imagine if I said more above when you can’t even handle two words

TallonIV262d ago

Go on Dr. Phil already if it's still affecting you after a full year lol

Neonridr262d ago

yeah we get it.. poor (insert your favorite PS4 game here) because it didn't win. You don't agree with the choice, but you weren't the one voting.

Gameseeker_Frampt262d ago

Not sure why you have to bring Sony into this. Everyone is excited that Zelda won Game of the Year at GDC. This is the first time in 15 years that a GDC GOTY winner has been playable on a Nintendo console and I think everyone, including Sony fans, are excited that Nintendo is finally making good games again.

TekoIie262d ago (Edited 262d ago )


If only things were that simple round here...

Sono421262d ago

LOL cause it's all PS vs Nintendo right? Just pathetic, there is more than enough to critique about this incredibly flawed game. It's a hollow game in every sense of the word. Mario odyssey is lightyears ahead of this game in terms of level design and overall pacing of the game. Mario Odyssey is a game that consistantly kept getting better as you kept playing, where as BotW you start out interested then reach huge boring spurts with nothing interesting with a few points of interest spread out here and there, only to find out those just lead you to more boring easy to beat shrines. Anyone that argues BotW is fundamentally a better game than Odyssey knows nothing about game design. Odyssey is easily one of the best in the Mario series and BotW is one of the worst in the Zelda series.

Neonridr261d ago

@Sono421 - are you kidding me.. people weren't griping because Mario Odyssey didn't win. It was because Horizon didn't.. you think people are actually Pro-Nintendo around here?

Odyssey could have just as easily won..

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Moonman263d ago

Congrats to Zelda!!! Swept every major award show clean.

jhoward585263d ago

I'm very proud of nintendo. BOTW was indeed an amazing game.

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