5 Very Specific Things I Want From the Next Zelda on Switch

"Over the years, I’ve created the perfect Zelda game in my mind, although I’ve never quite been able to put it down on paper. Today, that changes; well, sort of. I’ve always wanted a handful very specific things in the Zelda franchise that, unfortunately, have never happened. Here are five (mostly) new features I would love in the next Legend of Zelda installment on Switch." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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jhoward585306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Great list. BOTW has some amazing music track but I'd like Nintendo to add some Zelda original tunes in their Zelda game.

TallonIV306d ago

More dungeons, BOTW was an amazing experience but the dungeons were lacklustre imo.

_-EDMIX-_305d ago

Actual dungeons please

what they had inside of the game was just lackluster.