New WoW Build Lacks Most Class Changes

World of Warcraft players were sad to learn today that a lot of class changes that were testing on the Public Test Realms and in the Wrath of the Lich King beta will not included with the huge content patch that went live today. Instead, player will see the changes nearer to the expansion, and perhaps after the expansion itself.

WoW Community manager Bornakk posted on the official forums to explain why the change of plan took place, but it did little to cheer up the masses, who were expecting access to all the epic new skills and abilities.

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Leord3682d ago

Meh, disapPOINTed!

Oh well, back to WotLK beta land then ^^

Maticus3682d ago

Yeah I agree. I actually went on live for the first time in ages just now to check out the new stuff and got hit with the 1.5G of patch, so I think I'll head back to the beta while it's downloading (very slowly) :(

Leord3682d ago

1.5 Gig, OMG o.O

Yeah, what server are you on?

Maticus3682d ago

I'm on Boulderfist on the US. If you've been playing the beta non-stop like me and you;re in the EU, make sure you go and get the pre-patch stuff now so you don't have to wait too long when the 3.0.2 patch goes live there.

Leord3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Cool! I'm really looking forward to standing out in the cold waiting at midnight for my copy. A bummer with time zones though, the Finns will get their copies long before us =(


Finns = Finnish people, like Darker and AoC

darker3682d ago

A valid reason to move to finland before the release then... =P

Medievaldragon3682d ago

Wish I had reserved a copy at the local store. Right after Gamestop put the Collector's Edition up, I grabbed it. Like 24 hours later, they updated it and said we have to pay an extra $15 for shipping. What a ripoff.

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Leord3682d ago

The primal sound of the average WoW-player =)

Medievaldragon3682d ago

I wonder if this new patch will break the game for beta testers who are still playing beta. I think something similar happened in Burning Crusade beta once everyone downloaded the last patch previous to launch.

Leord3682d ago

Really? I have no recollection of that O.O

I remember that it was stupid for ppl who bought the game, they had to install an older version than what was on their PC, then download patch before they could start. Perhaps the new WotLK login screen for all is a measurement that people need not do that?

Maticus3682d ago

Let's hope Blizzard have learned from that!

Captain_Sony3681d ago

If you're in the Beta, this has no impact on you at all. Beta testing is not done on the regular servers where this patch was released. I can see how some Beta testers would be upset over the patch but I have no issues with it. Didnt play the beta ,so its all new to me. Still havent gotten to play though. Was on long enough to spec one char but I still have 7 more to go.It's funny I am the only one out of all my friends that play that has more thn 1 level 70. Times like this I am glad I do though. instead of just getting to spec one and move on I get to spec 8 and try out most of the class changes.

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Medievaldragon3682d ago

Yea that was what happened with the last patch previous to the launch of Burning Crusade. Beta testers now would get an error message concerning game version after that new patch. I guess we will find out pretty soon. I just finished downloading the patch, and gonna install.

Pain3682d ago

Oh yea they dont say that anymore since WoW went main stream and people left to play W.A.R and other things..

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