Download the Linger in Shadows soundtrack for free

From PS3Fanboy:

The guys at Plastic are a charitable bunch -- they have made the soundtrack to their demoscene Linger in Shadows a free download on their website. The ZIP file even includes an additional track from their other demoscene, Into the Pink. Visit their website here and click on the soundtrack link in the middle of the page to download the file.

Wojciech Golczewski is the Polish composer responsible for the atmospheric soundtrack.

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shadowghost7523659d ago

This download is awesome, perfect for Warhawk and Burnout!

Linger in Shadows Rules!

Raoh3658d ago

i'll get it..

but this is where microsoft is just at times slightly smarter than sony...

sony should have made this available to ps3 owners via the psn store...

is it a huge advantage? nope

is it a deal breaker or new customers? nope

but it builds interest and satisfies current fans of the linger in shadows fans and shows plastic they are interested in them.. its good business relations