Strategy Informer: LEGO Batman: The Videogame Review

Strategy Informer writes: "So this was always going to go one of two ways. After the somewhat-faltering Indiana Jones title, LEGO fans had every right to expect a similar fate from the Batman license. The premise of an original storyline and a minimal amount of movie references hinted at a game slightly at odds with the rest of the series, leaving players to simply revel in the universe rather than specific celluloid-inspired set pieces. Thankfully, it works a treat. In piecing together this type of scattered experience, Traveller's Tales has shown itself capable of not only culling from the best, but also able to craft unique scenarios and plotlines that fit well within an established universe – boding well for future licences.

If you'd expected a game based solely around the recent Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, you'd be entirely wrong. The basic premise takes in a considerable amount of comic book canon, with the plot revolving around a jailbreak at Arkham Asylum that frees Gotham's most notorious villains - allowing them to form three super-groups hell-bent on taking over the city. Amongst the obvious cast members like Catwoman, The Joker and Riddler, you'll also find some obscure references and strange choices best left for the player to discover. This is fan service at its finest."

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