New Borderlands Game Seemingly Confirmed Via Tweet

There have been rumors of a new game for a while but Skewed and Reviewed have posted an image of a Tweet they received today from someone associated with the game which seems to confirm the rumors.


Admin note: While normally not allowed, the source has been provided and proven to me and is an industry professional. We will allow this rumor.

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Relientk77210d ago

I'm expecting Borderlands 3 at E3. I really hope it's revealed then.

Garethvk210d ago

I expect so. I debated posting this as I do not want to get anyone in trouble but figured since the name was cropped and on my wall, should be ok.

-Foxtrot210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Hopefully. I really want the original vault hunters aswell after the end of Borderlands 2, I'm sure they can find someone else to replace you know who

It would be stupid to add another Siren, there's only supposed to be 6 in the entire Universe yet 4 managed to land on Pandora roughly the same time. Lilith, Maya, Steele and Angel.

Lilith has new powers, Brick has a melee weapon now and Mordecai has a new bloodwing...they can easilly expand and give these old heroes more skill trees.

Garethvk210d ago

I would love to see a mix of characters from the series as well as some new ones. Let players say ok, 1 from the first 1 from the second, and 2 new ones or something like that.

gums007210d ago

Only one small problem...Brick died in borderlands 2

-Foxtrot210d ago

Roland did not Brick

And I said in my original comment they can replace you know who

Garethvk210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

PAX is usually not where reveals come and Gearbox nor 2K are on the PAX East list of attending companies with a booth.

smashman98210d ago

Oh wow that's fairly surprising considering they do usually show up at pax. While them not having a booth does greatly decrease the chance of borderlands 3 being revealed during it. Also gearbox has totally made big reveals at PAX in the past.

Garethvk210d ago

Guessed at the title they just said as you can see a new game in that series.

KrystofKage1210d ago

Which Randy Pitchford announced over a year ago. He even talked about loot boxes and such.

Either the author of this article is behind the times, or this is just clickbait.

gums007210d ago

Truly the best news I've heard in the last 6 years. #Makeborderlandsgreatagain

leemo19210d ago

Lots of us know Bl3 has been in development for while now, its more of how long do we need to wait for Gearbox to announced it, hoping E3 but who knows.

Garethvk210d ago

Gearbox will not confirm it, one I asked got really mad and asked where I heard those rumors. I said well considering Pitchford was on stage showing off concept art.

smashman98210d ago

He was showing off more than. Just concept art he showed off a tech demo as well

porkChop210d ago

I hope they change things up a bit for BL3. BL2 was awesome, but it just felt like a better version of the first game. I want BL3 to feel a bit more fresh.

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The story is too old to be commented.