ZTGD Review: Saints Row 2

ZTGD writes: "Silly, Outrageous, Profane, Excessively Violent, Very Naughty, and Unapologetically so. "One can never be too rich as to throw away a homie." Thoughtful Dialogue. Charming Characters. Epic Storyline. Sweeping Soundtrack....Not in this game! Get your violence and profanity on with THQ's latest bullet packed thrill ride.

I usually review RPGs and other sorts of Japanese Fluff for ZTGD. I can imagine Ken's inner dialogue when I told him that I could provide a review of Saints Row 2 for his site. I played Grand Theft Auto IV for about two hours and did not enjoy it at all. Don't really know why, just wasn't my thing. I am, however, goofy about character creation (just ask my husband, I can spend two hours creating a character), and having had a bit of fun with the first Saints Row's creator, I was at least looking forward to Saints Row 2's robust character creation. I imagined I would create a character, fart around for an hour or so and be left wanting. Nine hours later, I am still having a great time with this profane, ridiculous, and hilariously energy drink fueled game."

+ Exceptional Character Creation
+ Tons of Missions, Activities and Diversions
+ Tons of Customization
+ Laugh out Loud funny (if you have a somewhat sick sense of humor)

- A few collision detection issues
- Colors appear washed out at times

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lamigol3657d ago

I probably wouldnt have entertained this game with all the upcoming greats like Pro Evo, MS2, Dead Space, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, LBP, Cod waw, to name but a few. But the reviews have been surprisingly good, plus the fact that thanks to this site I managed to pre order from Tesco extra for under 16 quid delivered ( 2 copies actually ) Bargain !!!!!! The price, as expected, has now returned to 39.97. Well done to the people who got in there before little Johnny at Tesco got a bollocking for the [email protected]~k up.