Xbox One's 'Sea Of Thieves' Is No More Than 10% Of A Finished Game

Sea of Thieves has a whole ocean to explore, but it feels an inch deep after just a few hours of play. It's an unfinished title and players deserve better.

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Abash264d ago

I agree, I have it on Game Pass and keep thinking "what the hell was Rare doing all these years" as I play. Hardly any content and the game feels empty

-Foxtrot264d ago

Exactly...that long development and that’s all they have

Even the delay...what were these guys doing

Banjo Threeie, Conker 2...hell even a Grabbed by the Ghoulies sequel I would have rather had.

Gamist2dot0264d ago

"Even the delay...what were these guys doing"

Making the best water effects on the planet.

264d ago
_-EDMIX-_264d ago

I'm still puzzled that Microsoft never made Conker's Bad Fur Day 2 even with the property very much being in the demographic of the hardcore market like they were aiming for all the way back in 2005.

-Foxtrot264d ago (Edited 264d ago )


Well they were going to Conkers Other Bad Fury Day along with Perfect Dark 2 and Kameo 2 but when Phil Spencer was head of first party studios he cancelled them...I think it was in favour of Kinect Sports and the like,

I don't understand why you'd make a game so ambitious like this when you are trying to get back to the good old glory days. Surely a sequel to a much loved old IP like Conker, Banjo or Kameo would be better to put you on the map rather then something like this.

The online focus it has feels like something Microsoft may have pushed onto them, after all this is the company who tried to force co-op on Scalebound before they cancelled it.

IamTylerDurden1264d ago

It's odd that the game is so empty but in a game with no character progression and the only incentive being cosmetics how can there be a severe lack of cosmetics? Maybe Sea o Thieves will improve but right now it doesn't seem to be worth $60.

Rachel_Alucard264d ago

The closed Alpha from 2 years ago is the same as the beta from a month ago except now it has cosmetics and the sloop. Its embarassing to think what they were working on this whole time. I've seen new games come out and get sequels in the time they spent working on this the past 3 years. Yet somehow they still managed to make a mile wide puddle deep experience, blows my mind how hard everyone running the show struggles to create.

Araragifeels 264d ago

This is the "No Man Sky" of Xbox. I was excited for the game since it look fun but if is really empty then there no point.

bouzebbal263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

and they dare to say that this is the best game rare has ever made.
This is a pure insult to the really legendary rare games where each one was a masterpiece.

i think some feathers will fall within xbox in the next few months.. mark my words...

IamTylerDurden1263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Not a good month for xbox. The xb1 loses NPD again and Sea of Thieves has worse review scores than No Man's Sky. To make matters worse Ni No Kuni II is an 88 Open Critic and God of War looks unbelievable. Damn..

ProjectVulcan263d ago

Sinking without trace. As I predicted a couple months ago after playing the beta.

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maybelovehate264d ago

Just curious but what game has more quests and a bigger map than Sea of Thieves? And as far as feeling empty, do you mean the ocean? Although even then I don't agree. We were constantly calling out sunken ships and barrel stashes during the journey's, not to mention constantly altering the sails and working around storms and trying to spot other pirates and Skulls.

Phoenix76264d ago

Just curious but what game has more quests and a bigger map than Sea of Thieves?

Have you played elite dangerous?

AspiringProGenji264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Why does the map size matters when the game is so barebones? No man’s sky actually have bigger mals and did that matter at all?

You could say Monster Hunter has way more quests with smalle maps but at least you always have reason to do them and there’s progression unlike this game from what I have heard and seen

maybelovehate264d ago

@Phoenix76: Elite Dangerous is a good one. Huge game. Good call. Sea of Thieves isn't at that scale but still huge in its own right.

maybelovehate264d ago

@AspiringProGenji: Come on lol.. I love Monster Hunter World, but let's be serious. Investigations are just another word for repeating the same quest.

Christopher264d ago

***Come on lol.. I love Monster Hunter World, but let's be serious. Investigations are just another word for repeating the same quest.***

And fetching one thing or another to take back to the base isn't?

I get you like the game, but I think you're ignoring design issues just because if it. I love me some Far Cry, getting 5 day one, but I'm not ignorant of its design flaws. I still enjoy the game.

maybelovehate264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

@Christopher: The biggest difference is that there are unique puzzles tied to almost every treasure quest. And as you get higher in rank the more in depth the puzzles get. These aren't all just simple fetch quests. You should try the game, it isn't what you seem to think it is.

Aura7541264d ago

The quantity of quests and map size are not indicative of the game's quality. What matters more is the variety of quests and density of activity in the map. You should watch Jim Sterling's video on the Yakuza series. The map in those games are small, but it doesn't matter because the amount of activity is dense and the quests can range from serious to extremely goofy.

maybelovehate264d ago

@Aura7541: good point. Not only does Sea of Thieves have tons of quests but the puzzles keep them unique and interesting.

Christopher264d ago

***The biggest difference is that there are unique puzzles tied to almost every treasure quest. ***

They're not unique. They are mostly solved using the same methods and they repeat.

I have played the game. I understand it's not for me, I understand people who like things like Rust will like this, I also understand it's got design issues that will turn people off quickly.

maybelovehate264d ago

@Christopher: "They are mostly solved using the same methods" So you mean it is like very game ever made? They are unique as you progress. Or least least so far they are.

Christopher264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

***"They are mostly solved using the same methods" So you mean it is like very game ever made? They are unique as you progress. Or least least so far they are.***

Yeah, for many games that's the majority of quest content when it's online or even as side quests in single player games (AC Origins had this). If you want tailored, unique content then you need a game with specifically designed content throughout. But oftentimes those games have more than a few types of quest types and a much wider variety of enemies and scenarios (like Far Cry, but even that have series gets lambasted for repetitiveness and it has a lot more different types of content than SoT).

Please look up the word unique.

264d ago
IamTylerDurden1264d ago

Who cares how big the map is when it's empty? Who cares how many quests there are when they are all fetch quests?

darthv72264d ago

It really is amazing that those who call the game empty dont seem to realize that is what the 7 seas is like when you really sail them. Sailing the ocean blue isnt like riding down the hood in GTAV.

The real oceans (that the devs used as a basis) are empty and very large and open. If you want to see more pirates then it needs more players.

sprinterboy264d ago

Assassins creed Black flag is a better sea pirate game with quest

morganfell264d ago

"It really is amazing that those who call the game empty dont seem to realize that is what the 7 seas is like when you really sail them."

Does this include the realistic time it takes to sail them under wind power? No? Why not? What about your health suffering? Scurvy? The rickets?

Getting shot one time in a war and dying forever is real but you do not see that as the norm in most FPS titles because most developers know that realism in certain areas is boring, or frustrating, or simply lacks entertainment value. I do not think Sea of Thieves is a game you should attempt to defend by throwing down the realism gauntlet in one area when other parts lack that same realism. Developers do not always nail when to temper realism.

This doesn't mean you do not like the game. Only you can decide that fact. Conversely you do not get to decide for other people if the game is over stuffed with features or severely lacking.

Not everyone want to just sail and stare at the water. I remember being over at on Neal's site and one of the regular board members decided to play Silent Hunter 5 with full realism. No time compression, no shortcuts. All real time. He was posting a log for us. By day 3 or 4 his entries became non-sensical as he started to drift from lack of sleep and deprivation delirium. He didn't make it too far. Not fun.

Dark_Knightmare2264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Bro you've been defending this game hard give it up the game has a lack of content there's no denying that. You wanted games named that had a bigger map and more quests than sot well lets see witcher 3 and elder scrolls online are just two off the top of my head and there's plenty more out there.

264d ago
Kyizen264d ago

The issue is content. If you get a quest to kill 2 skeletons the next quest shouldnt be go kill 4 skeletons...

Helios86263d ago

Right investigations are repeat quests, and picking up a chest and giving it to some soulless NPC is not repetition?

Atleast in Monster Hunter the actual hunt has some substance. Honestly though if you enjoy playing the UPS simulator go ahead, just don't pretend like Monster Hunter is anywhere near as shallow. Hell Black Flag had more content than Sea of Thieves.

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Relientk77264d ago

Rare worked on this game for so long

Like what happened...

Servbot41264d ago Show
_-EDMIX-_264d ago

Exactly I'm not sure exactly what was going on after this is just sad if this is their best work this team is just pretty much dead.

princejb134264d ago

is rare dude. When was the last time rare actually did a good game? conkers bad fur day , kameo, banjo kazzoie n64

firelogic264d ago

That's why it's on Game Pass and not being sold for $70. They knew they couldn't sell it on its own.

UnHoly_One264d ago

They sold it to me, and I'm happy with my purchase.


Not at all the start of/for this game I was looking for....! DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!

Sayai jin264d ago

I got it on game pass...need to give it a go.

Why is this labeled as news and not opinion...hmmm. Could be true, but it's still opinion.

gamingunited264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

This pretty much screams Micrsoft though... Hype something up far more than it will ever deliver.

After the beta it was obvious tit was just a shell of a game. It's just a big empty game... like an MMO minus the dungeons the loot the progression and any kind of end game content or goals.

No Mans Sea seems pretty appropriate TBH. No Man Sky was a big gimmik of the huge empty galaxy and Sea of Thieves is just a big empty ocean. At least with No Mans Sky there was some survival and a progression system in place which is honestly more than Sea Of Thieves has.

264d ago
trooper_264d ago

Rare is a shell of its former glory.

264d ago
Cyborgg264d ago

They were sitting on their a$$ getting free money

warriorcase264d ago

same. I was a tester since early alpha and was initially worried about the amount of content but brushed it off as "it's just an alpha, more content will come in time I guess". Then came the beta's, then the final test week and then comes launch day and was shocked to see how little more had been added.
The graphics are great and sailing very fun but the hand to hand combat is so lackluster consisting of a 3 swing combo and that's it. The progression system, which consists of leveling up your traders to unlock cosmetic only items and the next rank of missions of which are just 3 types of fetch quests. You can sail out onto the high seas to kill some skeletons to bring back a skull to port, or fetch a pig to deliver to a port, or find a treasure chest and bring it back to port, that's the options you have and the rank ups just make amount of fetch or rarity of the fetch rarer which in turn give more gold for more cosmetic items.

The game has incredible potential for the future in what can be added but at the moment is no where near the full asking price. As it stands the game can be a lot of fun but is ultimately in its current state as vast as an ocean but as shallow as a puddle.

Wolfyseyes263d ago

They were thinking "Freeform consequences-free PvP will replace actually creating content. Good enough. Ship it."

mcstorm263d ago

Soo what people sound like is I've not played the game but the reviews and videos I've seen means the game is pants. Come on people play it your selfs to see what it's like rather than read about it.

subtenko263d ago

Thats what I thought from only a few minutes of the beta gameplay on youtube. I was thinkig its gonna be bear bones isnt it?

Sea of Thieves is bare bones.

Skull and Bones... Beats... Bare Bones!! o.o

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Brash264d ago

"It’s The Division where the entire map is the Dark Zone, and it makes it incredibly hard for players to enjoy what little PvE content there is in peace."

Just wow. I don't need that in my life.

maybelovehate264d ago

This just isn't the case though. Sea of Thieves map is huge. When you come across other players there is usually 1 of 2 mindsets.. We have treasure, let's lose them or be sneaky so they don't see us in the first place by spotting them first.. Or we don't have much treasure, let's hunt them and see what they have. The thing is though, if the other pirates are on their toes and spot us first, they will definitely get away if they really want to. And at least get their good treasure offloaded. The only time you will be in real trouble is if your team failed to keep a good lookout.

OffRoadKing264d ago

Nah, the dark zone was just a place for griefing and a lot of people didn't care for it.

letsa_go264d ago

1 Upvote, 39 downvotes. Looks like you got an unpopular opinion there, buddy!

zb1ftw777263d ago

One of the reasons I dislike most sandbox games is big maps... With no content in them.

And by content I mean story and meaning. Not grind and fetch and repeat quests.

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OffRoadKing264d ago

Funny you mention that, when I heard about the whole thieving from other players thing I immediately thought of the Dark Zone in The Division and how much that feature was detested.

maybelovehate264d ago

The Dark Zone wasnt' detested. It was just all the bugs and exploits people used in the Dark Zone. It was an amazing concept ruined by rampant cheaters.

Avengerz43264d ago

Lol I made the exact comparison yesterday to the DZ in division when that game released. That game was cancer worst $100 I ever spent on a game and it taught me the lesson to never buy a season pass ever again.

warriorcase264d ago

I can see this argument. I would argue the dark zone actually had more to offer with rare loot drops to find, but I see the comparison. For example, last night Me and my friend went past some friendly players then decided to chase them down and sink them purely because as it is now that is the best thing to do in the game for the most enjoyment with nothing better else to do.

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chrisx264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

I'm glad this has been clearly stated...a friend of mine told me the exact same thing and I confirmed myself. the game rly feels bland.

AspiringProGenji264d ago ShowReplies(2)