The Tekken 7 Season Pass Has Been Hugely Disappointing

Richard at GameSpew: Noctis Lucis Caelum arrives in Tekken 7, marking the end of its season pass content. Was it worth the money? Unfortunately I think not.

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Abash209d ago

I agree, where are Lei, Anna, and Julia. I never wanted to play as any of these guest characters they chose in Tekken

Tross209d ago

Indeed. The "quality over quantity" argument that Harada guy made is rendered moot by the fact that several new characters were added instead of the usual three or four. It's great to see more new characters than usual, but past entries consistently had at least a few new faces and didn't come at the expense of fan favourite characters. And yes, I call BS that no one was using some of the characters that were cut.

Moreover, they added in guest characters like Noctis for the lols, but can't bring back characters people are really missing? I also don't buy that having all the usual characters in play would make the game harsher for newcomers, or that bit about them "not working with the game's combo system", whatever that means. I just wish the Tekken staff would tell the truth, but I guess they don't want to admit that laziness and frugalness was the reason why they thought it was a good idea to give a giant middle finger to the fans.

PurpHerbison209d ago

I wish I could live in the timeline where Lei and Anna were in the game so I could see their usage charts be among the lowest. I bet it would be other "fan favorites" that people would complain about in that timeline instead.

"No one played Lei! Where the hell is my Ganryu!?"

Derceto209d ago

Final Fantasy has become so pathetic, that it is now poisoning other properties with its filth, and making them underwhelming as well.

milkshake2209d ago

Shouldn't have bought the season pass. Disappointing.

PurpHerbison209d ago

"He has the cheesiest moves"

What a scrub!

SickSinceSix209d ago

I agree, the season pass said it would come with a new game mode, then gave us Tekken Bowling which was already a mode in Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and apparently there's even a Tekken Bowl phone app that released in 2012. Other than that, some costumes, only 2 guest characters and corresponding stages and that's about it. Old fan favorites are missing from the game too.
Comparing it to Injustice 2 who's season pass cost a bit more but it had 9 additional characters and with a much faster release schedule for them, in fact Injustice 2 released before Tekken 7 but still released all 9 season pass fighters before Tekken even released it's two.

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