Gamer 2.0: Dead Space Review

Overall, Dead Space is an extraordinary game with tons of shock value and action to whet any fan's appetite for some time, and with a campaign that lasts a steady 10-12 hours, that's plenty of time to get lost aboard the Ishimura. While the missions could have been a bit more stretched out and some sort of multiplayer aspect added, the overall execution of the game is one of the highest quality; a factor that will help lead it in game of the year honors.

Gameplay: 9
Visuals: 9
Audio: 10
Value: 9
Quality: 9

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wetowel3654d ago

Wow reviews are all over the place for this game. Ranging from 6/10 to 9/10. Guess its one of those games where you either like it or not.

bunbun7773654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

this game has received at least one 10 so far- if not 3. Ratings being what they are, and EA's ever domineering influence, one wonders how good is it? If you ever so slightly attracted to this type of game then you shall be happy with what they have made, but if you dont like this fare and just want a GREAT game, well buyer beware.

-This is a day 1 for me, which apparently, is tomorrow-

lamigol3654d ago

Ive only read good things about this game. I wasnt that bothered about it 2 weeks ago but the more I see the more I like. Pretty much nailed on day 1 purchase for me. When that is though, ive no idea. I live in uk where release date was 24/10, was in 'GAME' today though and they said it may have been put back as it has dissapeared from their release schedule !!! The staff there are not always reliable though.