OXM Online: Dead Space Review

A distress call muffled by static, a strangely silent spaceship, and then a frantic dash for your life - that's a good start to immersive horror. Mindlessly plodding through rusty corridors on 10 hours of FedEx missions - that's not quite the middle OXM Online had in mind.

+ Severing hundreds of limbs...
+ …when you have time to glance up from endless loot-scavenging.

- Cliché horror mystery isn't enough to make Isaac's journey worthwhile.

? Sorry, but was the ending supposed to be a twist?

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Drekken3708d ago

Lowest review I've seen so far.

Why o why3708d ago

they dont anything to potentially trump gears. Most sites have praised this game but im a ps3 fan and media bias is as normal as air to me. Check them dismissing the story.................hmmmmmm

sonarus3708d ago

You mean dumbest review i have seen so far.

JokesOnYou3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

yes *imo the score is waaaaay too low for this game, but it has nothing to do with Gears, sony loyalists like you are just always looking for a conspiracy when there isn't one....and worst of all you change your minds as easily as the wind blows...

positive news/review about 360= bias paid off
same site praise sony/ps3 game= see I told you ps3 is teh best ever
same site critical of sony/rate a ps3 game too low for ps3 folks liking= their just bias

Wow, so you sony loyalists have ALL your bases covered, huh?

Yes, although I haven't played the game yet this *imo is a terrible score judging by what I've seen and read about the game so far but why can't it be just a simple case of a bad review from one reviewer/source?...instead we get the same old BS about how theres this evil bias going on just because of Gears, ha ha reminds me of when I saw alot of sony loyalists swearing 1up was bias because they had a negative post about sony, then the very next week they had a week long look at R&C prior to release where they were praising the game and sony folks were all praising the site for their previews. hmmm, I guess if you look hard enough for something then you will surely find it, even if its only in your imagination.=


Why o why3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

it can be but i did say might be a case of gears. We have both seen corruption with our own eyes. ok maybe corruption is a bit strong but there have been some strange reviews and acts over the last couple years. Im only saying this because its the official xbox magazine. I will accept that it MIGHT just be what you said, a bad review' but i feel its not. You can at least accept that they MAY have ulterior motives. Sometimes i feel that, even though we have seen some of their BS (the gaming media), we still trust them to be pure.

This score is too low to be a simple mistake. I just accept that conspiracies/corruption are only in us 'sony loyalists' heads and you can believe what you want............this had nothing to do with console loyalism by the way just media bias. Seems you too have all the bases covered because im not going to speak for all of the xbox loyalist, that would be silly.
see no evil, hear no evil lol

i dont care much for the fickle mate I only trust 2 sites at the moment. The rest are too inconsistent for my liking so you think just because sites like gamespot (too much variety or gametrailers (love the site not so much their reviews) says something good ill suck them off? no thanks because they have proved beyond reasonable doubt that they have done questionable things. Nobody answers this one. Why do official magazines (ALL OF THEM) always give the highest marks to exclusive games and why do we accept it. Is having the 'official' tied to the console mag mean that they are the only ones who do questionable things ie on purpose. Its across the board but the same way you would prolly discount a gleaming review from a an official ps magazine about an exclusive game is the same way ill discount the counter (too long to word it correctly)

you can always find something if you look hard enough (i tell my misses that) but some people never care to question things and would prefer not to know because it takes them out of their comfort zone. Remember the plane that crashed into the pentagon then vanished without trace. Most people gobbled it up but you open your eyes and look deeper and you see that the people telling us this had ulterior motives. You cannot mistake a plane for a missile = not a simple mistake. *lol at my own post* *waaaay to serious for this time o the morning*

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jesuisankit3708d ago

I agree one of the worse reviews I hav read in times.. he says the combat is good.. there is almost no absolute reason he gave for giving it a score of 6.5.. maybe he is not into this genre or hates EA :P

geda3708d ago

ouch. GameInformer gave it a 9.25!


That is what I need to hear. Game Informer, IGN and Famitsu (or 1UP in this case, since I even know if Famitsu will take the time to review a so westernized game).

Now I just should give it sometime to compare with Alone In The Dark (can a good fix make a mediocre game a great one? Because Dead Space is looking to be GREAT). I'm about to drop Silent Hill for now, probably I'll just rent it.

Sad day this where I have to choose the "horror shooter" over a proper survival horror game for some peek-a-boo, shame on you Silent Hill.

Final_Rpg3708d ago

In my experience IGN have always been the most reliable source for my reviews.

Timesplitter143708d ago

I haven't played but I trust the other reviews way more

Isaac3708d ago

"The game is reviewed poorly on Xbox because we Xbox fans prefer more 'complex gameplay', unlike playstation games".

That's not something I just made up, Power of Green actually said that.

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