Velocity 2X Critical Mass Edition Has An ‘Embarrassing’ BoxArt Error

Major mistake made in boxart graphics for the Velocity 2X Critical Mass Edition physical edition has left publisher with 'embarrassing apology.'

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Neonridr263d ago

ouch.. you would think someone would have to give the approval for the new cover, regardless if it was the same game from the PS4. That sort of screams lazy on the part of the devs.

IamTylerDurden1263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Lazy devs? Huh? That's not how publishing works. FutureLab is anything but lazy, the fault is on the Publisher, not the developer. FutureLab is an excellent dev and Velocity 2x is a great game, this was an oversight by the Publisher.

Neonridr262d ago

fair enough.. you are right, if they are one's who made the box art, then yes. But it just looks bad all around.

gokuking263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

1. Attached image on this post is tagged PS4, even though the issue is with the Vita box.

2. FuturLab is the game's developer, not the publisher of the physical version. The article confuses Badland with them for some reason.

263d ago
IamTylerDurden1263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

I wonder if this will bring forth another industry lawsuit. Seems like people love to sue. Temporal reprojection in KZ, Linux on PS3, and some nonsense about Vita advertising. Meanwhile, we have..

companies secretly running games on a supercomputer in a hidden cabinet at shows pawning it off as console graphics.

Show fake footage at conferences only to release severely downgraded versions.

Paying popular YouTubers to sign non disclosure agreements while pretending to like a console or game and giving it good press and coverage. Thus hiding the fact that it was really paid advertising.

Lying and exaggerating how certain tech will improve your product (dx12, cloud, esram) and using that propaganda to hype and sell your console.

Lying about promoting and supporting VR on your console in order to garner hype and hurt sales of the competitor.

The XB1 S commercial with the old lady that insinuated that the console could do 4K gaming.

Overhyping and lying about what the cloud would do for Titanfall. Handling advanced AI, shaders, ect.

Slandering the competition for using checkerboard rendering and not having "true 4K" but then using checkerboard rendering yourself and even including it in your official definition of 4K Ultra HD.

Kavorklestein263d ago

Crazy stuff for sure. Guerilla Games Had lies regarding 2 games from the same series about 10 years apart.

Horizon Zero Dawn luckily was not tainted by dishonesty.