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Raff: Kirby is one of Nintendo’s staple character, and also probably the cutest. He’s a bubbly pink ball of puff. He lives in a whimsical world filled with whacky creatures… and I couldn’t help but eat them all.

If you’re living in a cave (or just don’t play Nintendo games in general) then here’s something you should know about the titular hero: Kirby sucks. Literally. He sucks everything down his vacuum of a mouth. See a block? He sucks that. See a fruit? He sucks that. See an enemy? He just goes and sucks everything/everyone he sees.

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masterfox264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Isn't this one of the games Nintendo fans keep talking about in the last Nintendo Direct that was mention that is Nintendo best lineup for this year and is better than anything else ??, hmmm, *sees metacritc* , I see now why they won't talk about it now, I still think is a good score. Oh well still is a long year so don't worry, right?. ;)