God of War PS4 Photo Mode confirmed - but only if Cory Barlog can do something "really cool"

Sony Santa Monica has done fantastic work with God of War, especially on PS4 Pro. And according to Creative Director Cory Barlog, the game is coming with a photo mode, eventually.

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Nyxus213d ago

Nice, I love photo mode. :)

fiveby9213d ago

Agreed. I surprisingly spend more time in photo mode for HZD than I anticipated. I pre-ordered the GoW Pro bundle so I imagine once they drop photo mode for GoW I'll enjoy it as much as I do on HZD.

OffRoadKing213d ago

YEEEESSSSSSSSSS! Please oh please oh please do a photo mode!

ClayRules2012213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

I’m so glad to hear this. I can’t to see what they allow us to do!
To date, I’ve taken over 500 hotos in Uncharted 4 & a little bit more than that in HZD.

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