Sea of Thieves Players Worried About Lack of Cosmetic Items, Amount of Total Content

A number of players have expressed concern about just how customizable the Sea of Thieves experience may be.

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PurplePeopleEaters211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Looks pretty good for Early Access. I’ll check it out in 2 years when it’s done.

RpgSama211d ago

That's the honest truth, after many years in development this is still an early access game content wise, but at least come out and say that, don't release a full priced $60 game and have the audacity of saying that is a complete game, because it's not

RpgSama210d ago

Well, it's definitely worth the $10 I can tell you that.

Rude-ro210d ago

It is $10 a month on game pass.

Hyperstrada210d ago

I did the game pass 1 month free with bing rewards points and a 2nd month free for using auto pay, So as of now this game is free till the end of May for me. I didn't like the game in the 1hr or so I played it. I play FPS and Racers. This is not my type of game. I did like the Game Pass. I picked up a few already, and have more time in on them then I do SOT..

TheCommentator210d ago

They've already said that there will be a steady stream of free content arriving post launch to constantly keep players engaged and that they wanted players to hit max level early on. Said plenty of other stuff about it too. Call it what you want, but they didn't mislead anybody that actually wanted to know about SoT (which is obviously not you).

TheCommentator210d ago

@ Rude-Ro & 343

No, Game Pass is $10 a month, and all of MS' games are included plus more than 100 others. SoT is still a $60 game if you want to own it.

darthv72210d ago

I dont know who to believe. i feel there is a lot of concern trolling surrounding this game (like PUBG had) while others who like it are having fun with it regardless of what others say.

Shouldnt having fun be the main point of it and not the cosmetics? Sailing the seas, firing canons at other ships, finding booty.... it sounds pretty fun to me.

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frostlatch210d ago

lol pretty much. Played the beta and was instantly aware of the lack of content and point to playing the game. You get over the novelty of sailing pretty quick. They are going to get hammered in reviews just a week from now and in two weeks everyone will be leaving the game. Its beautiful and polish visually but I dont see anyone playing it for very long.

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ApexWolf22211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Perhaps they suck so that you will be inclined to look into thier microtransaction system for better "Cosmetic Items".

raggy-rocket211d ago

I understand people's concern. I paid £50 to buy it and I hope my purchase is justified. I worry about the long tail of the game and the lack of content, and as of right now, there is not enough content to go for months. But these types of games rarely stay the same and are often frequently updated.

Whilst I understand the criticism, I gotta say, it's just sad how many people on this site are so transparently eager for it to fail and eager to criticize it.

My hope is it follows in the footsteps of Rainbow six siege or The Division, which frequently added updates adding lots of content in its life cycle

In my opinion, games pass will REALLY help this game's population and imo this was a game designed for games pass. Besides the big games like fable, halo, gears, this might be how I indulge a lot of first party MS games from now on like fable, forza and new ips.

RpgSama211d ago

Those games already had content, not to last for months, but lots more content than this and they kept adding to it. I mean, People are running out of things to do in Sea of Thieves and it's only been out for one day, ONE day!

Atanasrikard210d ago

No they aren't. Not a single person has reached endgame.

raggy-rocket210d ago

It's much more of a sandbox experience where the experiences come from very varied paths towards the same goal. So many disagrees because I'm not slamming the game. As I say, I can totally understand people's concerns, or people who don't like that kind of game.

I think it lends much more to a kind of 'pick up and play for a bit' experience, which is why I think games pass will help it a lot. People who don't wanna commit to buying it, but will happily dive into it for a bit will be playing it too.

JEECE211d ago

The people who are concerned about the lack of cosmetic items (if in fact those people really exist) are the reason we can't have nice things.

RpgSama211d ago

I mean, if after one day you ran out of things to improve the look of your character, where that's basically all you can do, then I would be concerned too.

JEECE210d ago

I should have clarified. Complaints about the lack of substantive content (i.e. things to do) are perfectly legitimate.

UnHoly_One210d ago

That's mathematically impossible that they have "ran out of things" to buy.

I played for hours both Monday night and Tuesday night and earned about 10,000 gold or so. Some of the items are much more than that just for one item.

There are ship customizations that are 70,000. Nobody has purchased everything. No way.

JEECE210d ago

People caring about dumb cosmetic items is the reason we have the lootbox plague.

Nitrowolf2210d ago

Lol no, wee had those things (cosmetic) way before as almost a standard in games.

It's greedy companies that are the reason why we can't have nice things

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