GameDaily: Saints Row 2 Review

Even though most of the in-game glitches are laughably bad, Saints Row 2 is still a hit. It's kind of like a plate of spaghetti without the benefit of silverware. Things are going to get messy and, for some, unconventional. Nevertheless, most of you will hunker down and eat it up.

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3660d ago
bunbun7773660d ago

in the Gamer Zone no less!! Teh shame! Yea SA isnt fun anymore because of GTA4, come on. We all want Awesome Graphix, the best Gameplay and Story, MP options out the bum, and...oh yea what was that other have fun while doing it. While it is true that your opinion is valuable, so is mine and Im here to refute yours and say that on my lunch break I bought the game , took it home, installed the sumbtch, smoked a phatty, and me and the roomies were LOL'ing for 15 minutes and didnt even come close to creating a character. Its pretty fun when a game can get everyone laughing before you've even started it.

lamigol3660d ago

I probably wouldnt have entertained this game with all the upcoming greats like Pro Evo, MS2, Dead Space, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, LBP, Cod waw, to name but a few. But the reviews have been surprisingly good, plus the fact that thanks to this site I managed to pre order from Tesco extra for under 16 quid delivered ( 2 copies actually ) Bargain !!!!!! The price, as expected, has now returned to 39.97. Well done to the people who got in there before little Johnny at Tesco got a bollocking for the [email protected]~k up.