How Ditching Consoles for a Gaming PC Improved My Life

PCMag: “I jumped ship from consoles not because of a lust for specs and raw horsepower. It was the mental clarity and convenience.”

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gums007263d ago

Just read the article and honestly can't figure out if it's satire?! You know what also can help improve your life, writing articles that don't sound so pathetic. Even if it's satire, is not a good one. I'm a Pc gamer but please don't try to convince yourself it changed your life. Maybe on your next article you can tell us all how eating tide pods changed your life for the better and after what i read, it just might...

Jalapeno262d ago

I believe he was talking about a simpler life as moving towards one platform while you could use both the XB1 and PS4 controller. That is if you are willing to not buy first party Nintendo and Sony games which is easier said than done.

Jalapeno262d ago

Sounds just like me...been getting rid of my consoles after I upgraded my PC's GPU to a GTX 1050 which is just as powerful as the XB1 and PS4 (consoles that I have not bought this gen). I'm hanging on to my handheld consoles due to the high GPU prices but once I get my hands on a next gen GPU, it will be GAME OVER for consoles for me.

Zeke68262d ago

You sound like my best friend just before Uncharted 4 was released. Now he own both Uncharted 4 / Horizon Zero dawn for example and loved them on his Pro. Now he's back with "I never get a PS5 because my PC is SOOO good ;) BUT... we all know he will buy a PS5 and VR 2.0 when they arrive because he can't pass on great tech. I play LOTS of games on my PS4 Pro -AND- my PS3 so I'm kind of old school that way. But you sound like most of my friends/workmates who is stuck with "power this and power that"-mentality and if they release let's say a God Of War patch for the PS5 and let's assume it does over 4K in resolution, your 1050 will look like crap and I guess you'll back in the console world again, or what do you think ?! ;)
For me, playing games / exploring new worlds and places / getting new experiences is more important than raw power (although it's a nice complement). Too each their own. :)

Game on :)

gammaray13262d ago

how he become a dickhead for doing so\

antikbaka262d ago

why not have both....PC, Switch, PS4, 3DS, Vita.

ONESHOTV2262d ago Show
Tross262d ago

I own both. My life is just fine.

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The story is too old to be commented.