GamesRadar: Valkyria Chronicles Hands-On

Normally, GamesRadar would think that any PS3 exclusive from a third-party publisher would be well known simply because there aren't very many. But Valkyria Chronicles, a PS3 exclusive from publisher Sega, remains criminally unheralded. That needs to change, because this quirky strategy RPG, with its lush graphics and weird, anime/sci-fi take on WWII, has all the earmarks of a sleeper hit in the making.

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Sony Rep3659d ago

I did love the demo, but this is not too high on my priorities list.

Maybe next year, for sure.

sushipoop3659d ago

I've been playing the demo so much. It makes me sad that I can finish it so quickly 'cause I'm dying to get my hands on the full version. Amazing game.

himdeel3659d ago

...this fall. A day one-two purchase depending on if I get to that side of town on release date.