There Are Four Ready Player One PlayStation Cameos

Four PlayStation exclusive characters make their way into a movie packed with geek references. Here are the Ready Player One PlayStation cameos.

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-Foxtrot1716d ago

I can understand Kratos, Nathan Drake and Sackboy but Knack?

Aloy, Ellie, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Sweet Tooth, Spike, Cole MacGrath, Sir Daniel Fortesque...just some a little more known and better recieved in my opinion.

I thought Sir Daniel might have been a good one with the first game being remasted this year.

Araragifeels 1716d ago

Well Knack is one of the new children Mascot of PlayStation and PlayStation really push Knack to be a huge thing. They should just give up, Knack can be considered as flop Mascot and should not waist money on this franchise.

Rangerman12081716d ago

I think Aloy would have been a far better option conaidering the huge success of Horizon Zero Dawn.

NotanotherReboot1715d ago


ClanPsi11715d ago

I love the Knack character. It's a shame that the game kinda sucks... :(

Lexreborn21715d ago

My sons Love Knack they play it more then anything else to my surprise. So, as for it being something that an adult who doesn’t have memories of it choice then you realize it’s irrelevant. Because Knack is making memories for children right now, and seeing how this is a movie that will have children and teenagers in it.

They chose well, Kratos and Nathan for the last two gens of ps2 and 3. Sack boy for ps3 into ps4 and knack for ps4 current.

It fits

NotanotherReboot1714d ago

I would recommend introducing them to Ratchet and Clank (PS4). Loved thsoe games on the PS2 as a kid

Lexreborn21714d ago

Funny think is I did, they have a ps3 in their room that has all the ratchet and clank games. But, they only like the newest one and knack. Not really sure why

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JKSimmons1716d ago

Can't wait for this movie!

firelogic1715d ago

Which Kratos? GoW1-3 or the upcoming one? I NEED ANSWERS!

Rangerman12081713d ago

I think it's the upcoming one, considering the amount of marketing they are giving to the new GoW game.