In Defense of Homebrew Games

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "It’s one of the most controversial and divisive elements in all of gaming, something that is almost as far removed from the mainstream side of video games as possible. I’m of course about homebrew games, projects that designed by hobbyists without the support of a major publisher or even without the resources afforded to an indie game development studio. This niche side of the industry is unique in that it’s not really actually part of the industry but a side effect of folks tinkering with hardware and development tools. Now while the homebrew scene is definitely alive and well on open-source platforms like the PC and Android it’s an often frowned upon element of console gaming, mixed in with hackers and pirates, and while there’s definitely a good reason for that prejudice to exist, I think there’s a solid case for a ‘legitimate’ way to create, and play homebrew titles."

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