With Five Million Players, PUBG on Xbox One Should Be Amazing

Not too long ago, Bluehole and Microsoft announced that the popular multiplayer battle royal game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), has surpassed five million players in over three months on the Xbox One.

Such a massive success cannot go unnoticed, and it goes to show how players from all around the world continue to support this game. Let’s be clear, here, PUBG is a highly addictive video game that brings more tension to every match than Fortnite Battle Royale.

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bobsmith1041d ago

i just want the new maps same time as pc hopefully the small 3rd one dont even care about desert map anymore

OC_MurphysLaw1041d ago

Its in game preview... not sure what the complaint is? You bought into a version of a game that officially is not final code yet and the developer clearly says this is a work in progress on Xbox game preview. Personally I have been happy with the support so far as its improved consistently with each update.

Vames1041d ago

Early code or not, it is still a paid title, and the developers are making millions from it. A game running below 30 and 20 frames per second on a regular basis in 2018 is unacceptable.

welly3001040d ago

You dont have to buy are told right from the off that its in preview.

notachance1040d ago

I just want to say congratulations on giving your competitor a free rein on the next-door neighbour's 70+ million install base, what a sure fire way to win marketshare.

PUBG1040d ago

Sony doesn't have an early access program.

ProjectVulcan1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

To get the game to even run a locked 30FPS on Xbox One and Xbox One X requires a huge optimisation drive of every game object and every line of net code because it's nowhere near stable.

It's one thing going from 50FPS minimums to locking 60FPS on a console, because you only need to find 20 percent more frame time performance and your engine is already doing pretty decent at this point.

It's a totally different thing taking your game from godawful minimums of 20FPS (and below!) to a near locked 30FPS. 20FPS to 30FPS is a 50 percent gain. It's massive and impossible to find quickly.

While everyone sits around waiting for this necessary enormous push to improve the way the game runs I think the best thing they can do is cull resolutions or settings a bit. Especially on Xbox One X which could afford to drop to say 1800p or reduce the player count to 75 or something if it a netcode CPU bottleneck, because it is pretty unacceptable even a $500 console runs the game like crap.

They can then work on the major improvements to get the game to the standard it needs to be at for version 1.0 on console and restore better settings and resolutions later.