The trailer for Garage Nintendo couldn't show you

The Nindie community continues to grow, announcing a list of titles coming to the Nintendo Switch. One in particular that caught my attention was Garage which is being developed by Zombie Dynamics and published by tinyBuild. The reason Garage initially had a hook in me was simply due to the fact that there was so much that couldn't be shown in the direct. If you check out the full trailer reveal—you can see why.

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LaWiiG215d ago

It’s like DOOM in top-down view. I dig it.

AGVulture89215d ago

I'm sold. It looks savage and action packed. Love me some Switch games.

LaWiiG215d ago

Did you play Mr. Shifty?

michellelynn0976215d ago

This looks awesome, so I am gonna get it.

LaWiiG215d ago

I dig the ability to drive, not to mention the enemy waves. What's your favorite part?

michellelynn0976215d ago

I like the atmosphere. It really makes me feel apart of the game.

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