Super Smash Bros Switch, Port or New Game? How About Both?

While gamers now know that Super Smash Bros Switch will be hitting the Switch sometime in 2018, Nintendo did not give clarity on if it will be a port of the Wii U version or a brand new game. What if it's "both" like Splatoon 2?

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wonderfulmonkeyman210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

That's what I'VE been saying!XD
I'm more convinced that it'll be a "Splatoon 2" situation.
I think it will have a few new things [BotW Link skin for Link, new fighters etc], but rather than being completely new, it'll still be running off of all the content from the previous two versions of Smash on Wii U and 3DS, battle mechanics included.
It'd make sense, considering the timeframe it's supposedly releasing in [this year, which is way too soon for a new game if the dev cycle of the last game is anything to go by], and the fact that Sakurai wasn't really interested in doing a whole new title so soon in the first place. [mostly due to his wrist injuries, I'd think]

And to be honest, that'd be perfectly fine by me, because I really want to be able to play Smash Run on my TV.
That mode was AMAZING. It would be even better if they made a couple of new map layouts for it.
Smash Tour, though...
That Mario Party knock-off mode was boring in comparison, and I don't care if it returns or not.XD

DJK1NG_Gaming210d ago

I've been saying this as well. People are in denial because they think having the all same content but being a new game at the same time and releasing this year means straight port.

_-EDMIX-_210d ago

..... I mean that still begs the question how people are using the term "new" especially if it is essentially the same game with just added content many people might see this like a remaster or a port because you could still Port something and then add additional content that doesn't actually make it not a port or remaster though.

Moonman209d ago

It's been 4 years this September since the last Smash Bros. Why do you think that isn't enough time to make a new Smash Bros. when 2 years was all they needed back in the day? If they used the previous engine they can design a new game in less than 3 years.

DJK1NG_Gaming209d ago

Do I have to explain it again.
Sakurai started this game in the middle of 2016 after Bayonetta and Corrin released. He took a few months break after that then stated that he begin his next project.

Gman32210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Probably won't know for sure until E3

michellelynn0976210d ago

Look at the copyright. It is only 2018, it is a new game.

DJK1NG_Gaming210d ago

And? Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Pokken Tournament DX says 2017 and not

The entire copyright thing valid neither does the logo. Games logo also changes as development goes on if it's a working title or was given a bland logo like Soul Calibur VI before the recent trailer.

_-EDMIX-_210d ago

agreed. A copyright doesn't confirm the content not being ported over.

DJK1NG_Gaming209d ago

Nope. If you go on back of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe box and bottom of the website it has 2017.
Same with Pokken Tournament DX box and website it says 2017.

Original Year Release and current only applies to straight port.
Because it's the same game. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokken Tournament DX and Super Smash Bros. coming Switch are not straight port. Because each have new modes, characters, additional gameplay elements like double item for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 3 v 3 Battles in Pokken and so in Super Smash Bros. will have even more content.

Belinker300210d ago

I'd be happy if it was like Mario kart 8 with some new characters, content and extra polish