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There will be those that hate Sea of Thieves, its limited questing, the unguided experience and the lack of progression-based gameplay rewards. Others, though, will relish the freedom. This is role-playing in its purest form, offering just enough tools to help you forge your own destiny across the ocean. Sea of Thieves' power to keep those stories interesting, of course, will depend on Rare's ability to meaningfully expand its world as the days and months pass by. If you're tired of games that tell someone else's tales though, and are ready to set sail for your own horizons, there's nothing else quite like Sea of Thieves right now.

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timotim215d ago

Spent the last 3-4 hours playing...addicting.

Professor_K215d ago (Edited 215d ago )


Lol them disagrees

The sodium concentration is strong today

Bhai215d ago

From the artcle:
"In Sea of Thieves, there are no mandatory activities, only guiding systems - and at launch these predominantly consist of treasure hunting, item transportation, and PvE skeleton slaughtering. They're simple things, repetitive even, but they're delivered with a theatrical flair that captures the essence of piracy wonderfully."

Wow 1... 2... 3 THINGS of execution... SOLID! indeed hahaha XD ... with as many activities to do in a sandbox, what could go wrong hehehe ;)


Gonna give it a shot, Got a trial for game pass when I picked up an X, time to use it!

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