Wonderwallweb Review Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

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"There is just something about Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 that shines, sure it lacks FIFA's obvious polish but once you are immersed in the gameplay it is still the best football game where it counts and that's why it's the champion once more".

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zdudynot3658d ago

and great review. thanks wotta

Wotbot3658d ago

by the demo this review is spot on.

Vitalogy3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I got to say, i'm not a fan of football games but, i've tested the two demos (FIFA09 and PES2009) both, on PC and PS3, and i don't agree with this review.

- First of all, the sound is very very poor, even PES2008 got better sound. Just listen to the ball sounds when kicked, when hits the post/bar, etc. and the enviroment sound isn't better also.

- Graphics? Well, everyone knows that graphics isn't konami's spiciality but after 2008 disaster, we, gamers, expect way better graphics then this ones.

- Now, whats with the "9.9, originality"? Those option are not that original and should have been introduced in previous versions.

- playability, lets be reasonable. PES2009 is way better then PES2008 (it wasn't hard though) but 9.8? FIFA09 has improved his playability way better then PES2009 and this year, between both, in my opinion, FIFA09 has advantage.

I think people need to stop calling PES2009 a simulator and call it what it really is, an football arcade game. You don't see real players do some of the thing you made on PES, feels like a circus, its impossible but again, that's why people like PES more than FIFA, because on PES you do stuff you'd never do on real life and it's sort of fun. On other way, FIFA movements with, and without, ball are more realistic and not everyone can adapt but that is a real simulator because you're not doing impossible this.

What i think:

Playability - 8.6
Sound - 7
Graphics - 7
Originality - 8.5

Remember, i'm not an addicted fan that suicides for the game, i'm a gamer WITH OPINION!

zdudynot3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

the story getting a 0.1 so your fried.
the bar sounds are spot on the connection sounds arent even noticeable when your into the game.
the gameplay makes it a 10 in my eyes and the graphics are great for the game. fifa has to much pastel colours
and yoyr trying to say fifa realistic when players do street skills on the pitch.

Wotbot3658d ago

respect your view but PES is technically for gameplay far superior then Fifa.

I played the demo of fifa and it was alright, but the gameplay is pale in comparison when compared to PES.

Fifa tires so hard to capture the essence of football, when PES does it all naturally.

mariusmal3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

my team is on that image. playing barcelona :D

now my take on this "war" fifa came a long way and its great. but i still prefer PES 2009, cant beat it's gameplay.

ps- i played both demos.

arakouftaian3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

they have not improve well the creator of pes said that it will be like thsi for 2 or 3 years whit just few improvement n latter they will make a ral big next-gen inprovement i hope is true .

ps. yeah fifa has inprove but that dosent make it better than pes im sorry but one thing is getting better than the old fifas and anotehr thing is been better than PES . is plane n simple like that!!!

n i wish FIFA could be better than PES so i cna move on n buy it but lifes sucks n i will stay whitout a soccer(futbol)game for teh firt time in over 10 years.