Sea of Thieves’ Kraken Design is Disappointing

Nothing is more iconic in pirate lore than the Kraken, so its inclusion in Sea of Thieves is not surprising. When the creature was first leaked, gamers were shown the blackened sea and powerful tentacles and believed there was something scary under the water. However, it has recently been discovered that there is, in fact, nothing under the water.

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isarai264d ago

Y'know i thought this might be the case a while ago(you can even check it in my comment history) looks like i was right, disappointed...

sprinterboy263d ago

Kinda what I thought also.

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X-Alchemist263d ago

If I’m paying full price I’d want a little more than just the tip of the tentacle.

DJStotty263d ago

To be honest i might to more bothered about trying to defeat the kraken, than glitch the game purposefully just so that i can see it has no body.

subtenko263d ago

Looks like Microsoft are the thieves here, you're the one getting robbed xD

RacerX263d ago

Let's play a little game I like to call, "just the tip," and see where things go from there... LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.