Eurogamer Portugal LittleBigPlanet's review

Eurogamer Portugal: "We all need heroes. Heróis que atribuem um certo significado à nossa vida, que sejam na verdade exemplos a seguir. Heroes that give some meaning to our lives, which are actually examples below. Podem ser pessoas, ou imagens meramente estilizadas na nossa mente. They may be people, or merely stylized images in our minds. Para uma indústria necessitada de sopros de originalidade, é com o rosto levantado ao vento que recebemos LittleBigPlanet. For an industry in need of murmurs of originality, it is your face lifted in the wind we received LittleBigPlanet."

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Genesis53658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Well at least the Portuguese know what their talking about.

At Fishy Fingers below. Thanks because I don't speak portuguese. Thats why I said at least the Portuguese know what they're talking about.

nbsmatambo3658d ago

i had to double take on the score, then i saw Eurogamer Portugal, and i was like oh..

Nitrowolf23658d ago

why did the average of the game go down?
well anyway great review

jerethdagryphon3658d ago

another 10 from a eu site, ah well maybe next time they can score it properly like perfect score.. honestly

what is this 19 / perfects

Drekken3658d ago

This game is unreal. I cant wait to see the waves it makes.

Xwow20083658d ago

LBP plz have mercy,the bots can,t take it anymore.(kidding) :p

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3658d ago

Oh and FUNK the 9/10's??? That's just M$ money talking!!! :-/

xaviertooth3658d ago

could've been that microsoft paid eurogamer $1M to take-out 1 point from their review? wowww!!! that is a very expensive "1 point" i guess.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3658d ago

$1M??? for -1 Point??? YEAH!Sounds right ;-D
I get the Feeling most sites hate the PS3???
(Eurogamer Portugal seem ok tho) ;)

FAQS3657d ago

Sir Ken: Portugal loves LBP!!! Portugal loves Playstation 3!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.