Grip Looks To Turn Racing Games Upside Down

This looks like a crazy and exciting new twist on racing games. Grip looks to take the combat racing genre and literally turn it upside down.

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Cajun Chicken216d ago

Such a good game. Had the PC version for nearly a year now. It's basically Rollcage 3.

Garethvk216d ago

That is good to know. I was a bit shocked they had such a firm embargo on the news seeing how the game had been on PC for a while.

BlackWolf216d ago

I know it's inspired on Rollcage, but man, first thing that clicked on me was Extreme-G! Glad to see this kind of games rolling out.

Garethvk216d ago

I think it is a good thing as racing games do need a shakeup as it has been a case of better graphics around the same core concepts of late.

Forn216d ago

This and Onrush shall be mine!

Garethvk216d ago

Do you find it interesting that we do not have more VR or at least VR enabled racing games?

Forn216d ago

I agree. Seems like a genre where it would really make a lot of sense to have.