The 'Sea Of Thieves' Launch Has Convinced Me Xbox Game Pass Is The Future

Today is a big day for Microsoft, as they’re launching Rare’s Sea of Thieves, its seafaring, multiplayer adventure title that has already been tearing up Twitch in all its early tests. But it’s important for another reason as well. This is the first time Microsoft has heavily promoted its Xbox Game Pass service by putting a brand new exclusive release as part of its line-up.

Vasto1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Xbox Game Pass is the best thing to come out of this gen for me. From now on all I am going to do is sub to Game Pass for $9.99 a month and buy my 3rd party titles through digital sales. I just picked up Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition for $6. Citys Skylines already confirmed to be coming to Game Pass next month and I look forward to see what other games are coming. It is not even a debate anymore if digital is the future. Microsoft now just needs to some way combine Gold and Game Pass together.


Eonjay1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

I want to come and rescue you.
BTW you can get EA Access and Live Gold together for a discount so there is that.

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whothedog1907d ago

I am wondering how Xbox will be pumping out triple A games while paying the studios 9.99 or not even getting that amount cause there is more than their game. I see it right now you go to see a movie, pay the 9.99 admission, but you can chose any movie you want to see, and that's cool for us. I just don't see how the studios profit. Maybe I am looking at this very stupidly.

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No Way1906d ago

We dont need rescued.

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whothedog1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

So MS fronts the money. And if a game or games flop they still front money for future games to be produced?

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BlackTar1871907d ago

you bought Titanfall 2 like 1 year later when it has no community for $6 congrats very helpful to the dev you are lol

Cmv381907d ago

Multiplayer games need a large initial player base so the game doesn't die. Titan fall 2 is dead.

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Eidolon1907d ago

but it has a great single player..

Magnetar1906d ago

I played it month ago and had no problem finding matches.

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Cyborgg1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Hopefully Microsoft makes enough profit from the game pass so they can develop and make new first party exclusives.

rainslacker1906d ago

I'd imagine they'd make more by just having two successful AAA games in a year. Or more. If they actually release 2 AAA games on the system, they'd end up losing more, because they'd still have to pay for the other content that exists on the service.

There is no way that Game Pass would be sustainable for $9.99 a month, with a regular AAA release schedule on day one. I have a feeling that the price will either increase, or you won't see that many AAA releases there day one after they get past the initial getting people interested phase.

It's a great value now though if you're interested in the games they're putting on it though.

Xenophon_York1907d ago

How do some individuals not see that following anything—rather a President or game console manufacturer—blindly and without fault is dangerous? The minute you shrug off reason and morals in order to protect something like pride is the minute you've stopped being able to enjoy life.

TheUndertaker851907d ago

That’s a pitiful way to look at things as well.

Allowing another or group of individuals to shape your morals and reasoning rather than creating those for yourself is equally dangerous.

Rather people like this explanation I’ve seen all sides of the fence and can tell you quite a few reasons Xbox does stand out from the competition. Game Pass is an attractive product in my opinion versus services like PS Now. It along with EA Access offers certain propositions but Game Pass offering brand new first party titles on top of other offerings plus the ability to download versus stream seems better to me.

At the end of the day what is wrong with enjoying a product or knowing you made a sound purchase?

Godmars2901907d ago

"From now on all I am going to do is sub to Game Pass for $9.99 a month and buy my 3rd party titles through digital sales."

Until MS decides not to offer a 1st party title via Game Pass. I mean, it is their option to do so or not.

Wonder if that's what they've meant all along by "offering choice"? They have the choice to offer things for more than the asking price.

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xfiles20991907d ago

Dont you people realize Game Pass is going to hurt the Gaming Industry more than Help it. Game Pass could spell the end for gaming as we know it

darthv721906d ago

That's some pretty deep thinking there Scully

Kribwalker1906d ago

just like blockbuster, or gamefly or redbox??

xfiles20991906d ago

Because if Game Pass becomes the Norm Game Sales will suffer Game budgets will get cut and the quality of Games will go down. It is OK for much older games But if Day One games end up on there over time we will be Stuck with low tier games

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_-EDMIX-_1907d ago

So what you're telling me is you never heard a red box or GameFly?

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xfiles20991906d ago

Gamefly and Redbox is different they are not associated with the Industry, The Problem is with Game Pass is if it eventually becomes the Norm. Game sales will go down and Quality of Games will go down. By losing game sales Game budgets will get slashed and sadly eventually we will all be stuck with low tier games.

Cyborgg1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Gamefly anyone? Does that mean Gamefly is the future too?

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rainslacker1906d ago

I've come to find that anything new and shiny is "The Future".

It doesn't actually seem to change much in the short term, and more often than not only has cursory effects on the long term, as the good stuff is usually modified to change things.

In any case, I don't see Game Pass being the only future, just like so many other things aren't the only future. Game Pass, or services like it, will likely be part of the future. It's a thing that maybe journalists should consider. There is way too much pontification about the future from people who don't understand the difference between something new and exciting, and a trend.

As of right now, Game Pass, or services like it, aren't even a trend, so how it can be used to say it's the future is beyond me.

Remember when mobile was the future? At least that was a trend at the time, and still is. It hasn't changed the course of other gaming any more than Game Pass will change the way games are distributed as a whole any time soon.

rainslacker1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Yeah....that model is obviously the future. Publishers relying on those people buying $6 games through digital, and a payment from MS to put their games up on MS service.

Seems like a great future for gaming to me.

Buying digital is fine, but I'm just going to buy the games I want, when I want them. Relying on any subscription service to deliver the games I want, when I want them isn't exactly my cup of tea. It's fine if you don't really care when you get the game though.

RosweeSon1906d ago

And release games. Great sea of thieves is out what else is due for the rest of the year. Jack 💩

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subtenko1906d ago

You mean could easily get a lot of xbox games cheaper and with a better experience plus without paying for live with the same games. I got Rainbow six siege for $15! Guess how much it is on console... $40-$60 and its a multiplat

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Nyxus1907d ago

I can see this is a good model for GAAS type games, where they just want a big player base that keeps playing the game and have a continuous revenue stream that way through micro-transactions and paid content updates. But for big budget single player games I don't see this working, because their revenue model is people purchasing the game (preferably at launch at full price). Maybe they'll have one or two pieces of DLC but that's it. And since I want to keep seeing big single player games and not just GAAS type games, I'll gladly keep buying games at regular price and support the developers and publishers that way.

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rainslacker1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I've often said Game Pass seems more like a pay wall for games which tend to fall into the F2P category. SoT feels like a F2P game. F2P isn't bad, and SoT does have production value, but it's structured like a F2P game. MS is loading up Game Pass now to get people interested, but in the long term, I can't see how anyone can reasonably think that MS will put their biggest AAA games on the service for the long term. It just wouldn't be financially viable without a huge subscriber base, and they'd end up losing money.

Vizigoth041906d ago

Agreed. This is lazy simple money. If this was a massive AAA single player game, it would be essentially to let it sell full price. Let it each a benchmark where they can then put it on Game Pass Service.

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timotim1907d ago

It's an amazing service...tons of benefits to it. I encourage the many who claim to have a decent PC on this site to check it out...I think you'll like it.

Oh, and go Sea of Thieves!!!

TFJWM1907d ago

If you don't have an xbox one isn't there only like 8 games that you play on PC with it?

timotim1907d ago

Well...their is a 14 day trial (some have reported seeing a month trial) to check it out 8 games should keep you busy during that time.

And don't forget that Microsoft has new titles coming in State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, Ori 2 and Ashen...

BlackOni1907d ago

There are only 8 games that are eligible for PC. Sea of Thieves and Gears of War 4 will be worthwhile to many, but to some who already bought Gears, Sea of Thieves may be the only reason most PC players will want to opt into this.

timotim1907d ago

Haha...another one. Again, I said "check it out", meaning give the trial a go. Imo, out of the 8 titles available to PC only players, Sea of Thieves, Gears 4, Super Lucky's Tale, Gears of War: Ultimate, Halo Wars 2, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, ReCore, and Zoo Tycoon should keep players busy to see if they like the games, no?

BlackOni1906d ago

You could be kept busy by any number of things, like your job giving you 4 times more work than usual- Doesn't mean it's what you want. If you're not really interested in the other 7 offerings, the point still stands— Sure, you can give it a try, but the point I tried to make was that to make it more enticing for PC players they may want to consider having more available to them.

With time that will surely change, but for now I myself don't feel like I absolutely need to go sign up right now.

_-EDMIX-_1907d ago

I mean if you don't have an Xbox One I'd argue you're probably giving the best example of exactly why this company is performing so poorly I mean even some of its biggest supporters don't even own the damn system yet have gaming PCs instead

yet you guys are wondering why the majority of us don't buy this company's crap?

timotim1907d ago

I currently own an 1S, 1X and a Surface Pro. My comment wasnt directed towards other Xbox console owners on purpose haha...we already know how good the service is. In fact, my comment was directed more towards gamers like yourself and others who only bring up PC once Microsoft has a game that comes out for both platforms.

I don't see anything crappy about Game Pass...that would be reserved for PS Now...which is also on PC coincidentally...

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