Diablo III For Nintendo Switch Listed By UK Retailer

Diablo III may be coming to the Nintendo Switch after all, according to a listing from UK retailer

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ifinitygamer238d ago

Wow third party lineup on this console could be stronger than we anticipated!

_-EDMIX-_238d ago

Based on a game that 6 years old? What about the games that are not coming to this system like Far Cry 5 Red Dead Redemption 2 ,the next Tomb Raider and so on? I'm sorry but you just can't use the release of the game as old as this to give you some indication on future support while ignoring the new AAA games that are currently releasing are not coming out on this platform.

Cmv38238d ago

I'm curious to see if it can handle this game. If there had to be cuts made for this game to run smoothly, that doesn't bode well for the future of third party support on the switch.

_-EDMIX-_238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

I actually don't think there's going to be much issues because you have to consider the age of the game so I think it's going to be performing extremely well especially when you take into consideration that the Nintendo switch is more powerful than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 by significant degree I think people for the most part always look at a portable device and see it as lesser but they need to look at the technical specs as opposed to just assuming.

So the way I see it the question is not if a portable can run the game or not simply that can a device of the specs run it and the answer clearly is going to be an overwhelming yes if it is going to be stronger than the previous generation of consoles.

So don't worry if it's portable or not in regards to being able to run a game only simply look at the numbers in terms of the specs in there should be where your answer should be.

If PS3 and Xbox 360 can run this game looking at their specifications the Nintendo switch is going to smoke it.

So this is one of those situations where if the game was performing poorly I would actually look at the developer that they hired to do the transition and not the system itself because looking at the specifications there is no reason why it would perform poorly other than developer error.

I just personally believe that the amount of Interest behind this game kind of goes to show you how starving the install base is for Content because this is one of those things where if it was coming to Playstation 4 or XBONE would barely be a news story. The only way I see things turning around for them in terms of third-party support is if all the top AAA games releasing in Fall have a Nintendo switch version.

Trust me if Battlefield Call of Duty Tomb Raider in a bunch of games decided that they were going to release on Xbox One it would have been one of the biggest news stories of the year in terms of questioning what on Earth is going on... yet on the Nintendo switch it is literally expected that they will not receive those games.

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sirultimos238d ago

Diablo 3 anywhere? May as well be a crack addiction. I need it!

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thesoftware730238d ago (Edited 238d ago )


Infinity Never asked anyone to ignore anything, so what are you going on about? He simply stated that 3rd party support could be stronger than anticipated. We are seeing Devs who never or made a game for a Nintendo platform or haven't in decades now doing so, which no matter how you slice it, IS more support than many anticipated.

No one is ignoring anything else...he never even mentioned other game or platforms, way to flamebait .

BTW, Diablo 3 on the go....YES PLEASE!!

_-EDMIX-_238d ago

You're also seeing developers that used to make content for the company scale back and stop releasing specific series like Ubisoft not releasing watch dogs or Assassin's Creed or EA not releasing Mass Effect or Activision not releasing Call of Duty.

Trust me I don't disagree with you about your comment in regards to developers who've never made games on Nintendo but I believe we still need to see the next perspective which is clearly developers that used to release content on the company's systems in regards to specific franchises.

So if you could notice developers making content for the first time for Nintendo trust me I believe I should be able to make a comment about Developers clearly not producing the same series on those platforms like they did previously.

So if you could look at new Developers making content optimistically I believe I could look at old developers not releasing content pessimistically and very much questioning.

I mean you have to consider the Wii U and the Wii also saw developers releasing content on Nintendo systems that haven't in the past but you also saw them stop doing that too

Remember Assassin's Creed? Remember Arkham Asylum? Remember Call of Duty? Remember Watch Dogs? So where are those games exactly? Is there a reason why those companies did not bring the sequels to those systems? So you might see this as the new beginning but I'm simply seeing this as been there done that and I need to see more support before believing anything has really changed but this would not be the first time a developer has tested the waters on a Nintendo system...

Doesn't mean the tides have turned.

marloc_x238d ago

Some strong sales for these recent ports.

Instead of testing the waters.. about put some heart into your craft,
and build something compelling for the console?

Zikax238d ago

Make it happen.. Great game.. It deserves it