Gamervision: CoD: World at War Impressions

So, the question at hand: did Treyarch destroy Call of Duty? After Infinity Ward brought the series to a high with Call of Duty 2, Treyarch developed the wholly lackluster Call of Duty 3 to bring it back down. Achieving the impossible, Infinity Ward did it again by creating Call of Duty 4 and raising the series to a level no one expected, before it was announced that Activision was giving it back to Treyarch. The gamer outrage was massive, but most held a little bit of optimism that Activision knew something gamers did not. Putting it back during World War II wasn't a great start.

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media733682d ago

I know its been said a million times, but I cant face going back to ww2 there has been too many games in that genre, and with farcry 2 and gears, this will be get put to the bottom of the must have list, Sure it will sell buckets, buts basically according to previews a cod4 mod.