Sea of Thieves servers crushed under wave of would-be pirates

Sea of Thieves has just launched on Windows 10 and Xbox One, and it is already offline due to server overload. Developer Rare has confirmed the outage on its social media accounts.

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Septic211d ago

Oh wow. The influx is real!

darthv72210d ago

Well that is unfortunate but they are working on it.

letsa_go210d ago

But I thought that Azure was futuristic alien technology that was beyond anything else that is offered! Turns out they are just regular ol' servers. I bet AWS could handle it!

kennedad210d ago

They are all just "regular ol' servers". It's all hosted on bare metal hardware somewhere. The only difference between Azure and AWS hosting is the cost model and the way they bill. AWS charges by processing time and Azure charges by the server. If this was run on AWS, the hilariously underpowered Cassandra nodes (if they could even handle the load) would be running so hard that the cost to host the game would become unsustainable for Rare. Azure can be scaled up but they have to pay for it. They made a prediction but didn't count on the GamePass trials as suggested below and they had to scale up. We saw this with TitanFall when it first launched and they scaled up quickly and got it back online and it's one of the most successful cloud hosted games of all time. I'm not saying that AWS is bad because it's excelllent for custom webdev and database processing but for gaming, at least for now, it's way too expensive and way too underpowered as it was not designed for that.

ThinkThink210d ago

Its 7:24am and I've already learned something new. Thanks Kennedad!

Steveoreno1210d ago

A influx of game pass trial members....

Cyborgg211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Not sounding good. Feels like the user review scores on metacritic is trashing the game on purpose.

PurplePeopleEaters210d ago

And people are giving the game 10’s and 9’s....

Cyborgg210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

The overall user score is 5.0 out of 10 on there. Its more negative reviews than positive. I mean its users giving it 0s obviously they probably made that up without even playing the game lol

Tobse210d ago

Metacritic User score is filled with fanboys from all sides, dont trust that. Click on some users and see the history

letsa_go210d ago

Micro$oft must have metacritic by the balls if they are still holding back the review scores! Wasn't the game released already?

1nsomniac210d ago

I only trust and pay attention to review scores between 3-7 from meta critic. Has worked for me so far. They generally tend to be from more intelligent writers as well & go into detail with thourough explanations to their thought process.

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darthv72210d ago

People trashing the game on purpose....? say it isn't so.

Like we havent seen that before

The_Jackel210d ago

a day to play it and they have reviewed it already user reviews are ok but you never know which ones are faithful to the game so can never go off them.
there are people that on both sides of the fence give perfect 10s to the xbox games and 0s to the ps games and vise versa

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_LarZen_210d ago

You cant take user scores on Metacritic serious.

KickSpinFilter210d ago

Why in hell would you ever look at user reviews on Metacritic except for a joke. So many high scores and low scores are from users that have only reviewed this game. It's a troll farm. Great source for actual reviews, but users...ha.

Cobra951210d ago

User reviews on Metacritic are random noise. It's impossible to know how many of them are fanboy spew, just by looking at the numbers. You'd have to read each one to get some sense of that, and even then there will be many packs of lies to sort through and detect. No, I wouldn't ever pay attention to them.

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Rimeskeem210d ago

But I thought MS servers were the best and never failed.

Pancit_Canton210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Dat Azure Powah of the cloud goodness.

Pirates are probably pirating this game to see what is the fuss is all about.

Tobse210d ago

Try pirating a mp only game and play on official, wont work

Relientk77210d ago

Pirates pirating a pirate game lol

porkChop210d ago

With a massive influx of users, the servers will still struggle. That will happen with any server network. Not all servers are dedicated to one game, that's not how it works. A set amount are portioned for each game based on how many active users they think they'll have. When a game ends up being more popular than they thought, this is what happens. Even COD and BF regularly launch with server issues.

sinspirit210d ago

"based on how many active users they think they'll have"

Yeeaahh. Except, MS bragged about Azure being "scalable" so that it would handle situations like this. Basically, having more servers kick on so it won't be struggling. Supposedly, "fixing" issues like this. Obviously, that doesn't end up happening. I remember Halo 3 basically shutting down XBL. All the hype about it being flawless or never having hick ups or downtime is just that, hype. No service is immune to it.

81BX210d ago

The servers were only down 40 minutes for me. That's a lot shorter than any other launch game especially mp focused on any console I've played

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_LarZen_210d ago

This is normal for online only games. In the first days and even weeks they will have to fine tune everything. Stress tests can only prepare you so much...

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