If Video Games Teach Us How to Use Guns, Here Are 9 Other Things We Ought to Be Good At

Some people out there think that games like Call of Duty and Battlefield teach you how to use a gun. If that's the case, then here are nine other things we gamers should be good at.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen214d ago

I like how the article mocks people who believe video games can teach people how to shoot guns. According to some narrow minded people gamers should also be good at flying spaceships, flying planes, surviving a zombie apocalypse, driving tanks, hand to hand combat, and dodging bullets.

UKmilitia214d ago

im not being funny but ive played last of us,dying light,state of decay,won on fortnite solo alot and played alot of sims and sim city.
so i could easily survive an appolypse and rebuild the entire world from scratch.

TheColbertinator214d ago

If gamers were all ace shots the armed forces,police squads and security companies would be lining up at our homes to sign us up.

UKmilitia214d ago

ive layed cod and got 28 kills to 1 death!!!! why can i not get a job working for Gun squad in UK lol

Fist4achin213d ago

Blackwater just called. They were impressed with my uncanny ability to make tough headshots.

stokedAF214d ago

I think games like sim city are great ways to teach economic basics and make people want to pursue it further. Same with basic survival tips from shows or games. Traps, where do I look for food, capacity rationing, etc. Its just a new way to think, it’s not physical properties. It’s at a very basic level intended for entertainment. I would actually enjoy a more realistic sim city, it wouldnt sell though. I remember a kid saying he learned how to drive by playing GTA. Is that possible? A maniac driver sure lol. Same with violent games, you gain no lasting knowledge or brain exercises by playing doom, it’s just fun. You gain no knowledge by getting grossed out by monsters or getting the crap scared out of you, it’s just fun. There is nothing wrong any of them, I enjoy them all.

Gh05t214d ago

This is obviously written by someone who has never in their life "used" a gun. For instance if I handed someone who played a crap ton of call of duty/battlefield I bet intuitively they could replace the magazine, rack back the charging handle and fire that rifle (Something that they usually see the animated character do repeatedly before every match)... Hence they would know the basic operations of a very popular rifle. Does that mean they understand the fundamentals of shooting like bone support, trigger control, eye relief, probably not but they are still a step ahead of anyone who doesnt know what a charging handle is or used for.

Have you ever taught someone to drive stick shift and that instinctive time when its time to shift. It helps if they have been playing games and watching RPMs for years and then put the concept into practice, or how about knowing instinctively which way to turn a steering wheel when your car starts to slide out from itself because you have done it time and time again.

Also lets talk about hacking... There are plenty of games that walk you through the basic concepts of hacking, if you were in the IT security world or a pen tester you would know that these concepts are pretty universal. Have you ever read a book on how to hack... they start with the concepts first. Do the games make you a professional... NOPE, does it provide you with the understanding of how hacks work... YEP!

How about putting in someone who has never played a flying game in their life and someone who has and see how many instruments they can describe the use for on a panel of a Cessna? Did they learn NOTHING, NOPE! did they learn how to fly, not really. One is still much closer than the other.

So play it off all you want but if you truly believe you are learning nothing while playing games then it might be just YOU maybe pay more attention to the games you play, I bet there is a lot you CAN learn if you actually wanted to.

Childish article written by someone who isnt willing to actually be intellectually honest with themselves and would rather make absurd arguments. PS I can throw you videos of people who dont know WTF they are talking about too, it doesn't make all the claims from the other viewpoint USELESS.

stokedAF214d ago

That’s not even just video games. Have you ever watched a DIY on YouTube and it looked easy but then realized halfway through that it’s not that easy lol? I have. We could have explicit detail and direction and still be terrible. There is no correlation to people with real experience. Anyone can get in a car and press the gas pedal, it doesn’t make you a good driver.

Gh05t213d ago

Have you ever watched a DIY video and been able to complete something? I have, multiple times. The statement was "How to use" not how good you are at it. I also addressed this but I guess reading comprehension is too much to ask in an article about the "feels"

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Ummm no. COD will never teach someone to compensate for the weight of the gun, how to compensate for recoil or teach you how it feels emotionally to aim a weapon at a real human being. I'm sorry, but I disagree with you completely.

Gh05t213d ago

You can disagree all you want but it doesnt make you correct.

Compensate for the weight of the gun, we are talking about 7 pounds bare... if you cant hold up 7 pounds you probably need some help putting on your own pants. Recoil on a 5.56 caliber weapon is negligible and extremely easy to maneuver and as for pointing a weapon at another human being and the emotions... I know military research says otherwise. But what I do know is that you obviously arent familiar with what you are discussing.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen213d ago


So COD will show you how it feels to kill another person? I'm confused.

Gh05t212d ago

1) You originally said aim, don't move the goal post now.
2) Yes there is military research that claims simulation of killing makes the process easier. (Kind of like practice makes perfect). The after effects... Well that is a different story but also not what we are talking about.

Again you are arguing about something you clearly have no first hand knowledge of, might want to stop now.

BuildTheWall213d ago

I was taught how to safely handle / use firearms before I was old enough to attend school & after 33 years the only things that I have killed are whitetail deer , elk , squirrel , rabbit & wild turkey all which were used for food. I hate store bought turkey & wild turkey does not taste anything like store bought & by wild turkey I'm not talking about alcohol. These school shooters / mass shooters should be hung & none of them were NRA members.