How the developers of Driveclub survived the end of Evolution

While Evolution is no more, its spirit lives on at UK racing game developer Codemasters, who snapped up the Driveclub team just a month after Evo shut down and set them to work on a new racing game that would become OnRush.

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Bismarn301d ago

Are they going to continue the same development style of releasing a game before it's finished (or even well underway) and then developing it through patches for the next two years like they did with Driveclub?

letsa_go301d ago

haha That was such a shitshow! Hopefully they have learned from their mistakes.

pody301d ago

You actually described early access. Interesting.

_FantasmA_301d ago

Driveclub is my 2nd favorite racing game. Only the Midnight Club games (all of them) top it. I may get GT Sport later this summer. I can't wait for a sequel if they somehow get the rights to it. This makes me want to reinstall it even though I have the platinum.

Zeke68301d ago

You should never had uninstalled it to begin with !! ;)

_FantasmA_300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

I only have the 500 GB hard drive. I have to delete games to make space for the newer games. I need to get a portable hard drive so I can have space for all my games.

Zeke68300d ago

Don't take it like that. I just meant Driveclub is a personal favourite of mine and I would never ever uninstall it myself. But I totally understand the lack of space.
Now I have 2 TB HDD internal in my PS4 Pro and a 3 TB external and the internal is full since waaaay back and I even need to uninstall games on a regular basis on my external so: more space = more games = same problem hehe ;)
Game on !! ;)
And buy a 2 TB internal, you'll thank me later ;)