Dead Space Launch Trailer, In Stores Now

EA has passed along the new launch trailer for Dead Space.

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3682d ago

Is that Sigur Ros in the background?

SeanScythe3682d ago

Spoiler alert you pretty much see what the last boss will be in this video. And if that't not the last boss then correct me if I'm wrong. I hate when movies or games show so much in trailers and when you see/play, you know what's coming so it's not a surprize anymore.

jams_shop3682d ago

I'm playing the game right now and loving every minute of it

SIX3682d ago

and Socom on the same day, OMG!

bunbun7773682d ago

But i went in to Gamestop today and they said Dead Space shipped today, and that copies wouldnt be in until tomorrow- My paranoria is running wild could they have underbooked the preorders?

rogimusprime3682d ago

it would be in tomorrow. I wish IGN and all these other places would stop trying to differentiate SHIPPING DATES and RELEASE DATES. I don't give two $hits when it ships. Just tell me when I can go pick it up.

Since its the 14th...and I don't have my game...the date should have been the 15th.

(yes, I know some of you lucky bastards are already playing it since youre gamestops don't suck. But I pre-ordered it and I have a right to be pissed)

bunbun7773682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

The other 3 games I am buying this month:

LBP- confirmed 21st

FarCry 2- according to my Gamestop- not till the 22nd.

Fallout3- midnight release! Booya who needs sleep! 28th on the dot.

I would appreciate a news story addressing this issue, which to me has never really been an issue before, but Far Cry 2 rocks and some homies are going to be sad if this is true...