Gamervision: Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

The issues present in the game don't ruin the experience, and finishing the game with a good ending (there are 5 possible) is very satisfying. On replay, there are moments you'll be slapping your forehead at for not catching the first time through, but unless you're trying to get one of the other endings, there's not much else there. At the end of the day, Silent Hill: Homecoming may not be a great game, but it's certainly enjoyable. For fans of the series, or just survival horror in general, this game certainly warrants a playthrough… after the crowded holiday season is over.

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Johnny Rotten3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

the first 5 hours were good, then I got some glitch after I died and it wouldn't let jump down a hole, what sucks more is I only made one game save :(

3658d ago