7 Nintendo Switch Ports We Really Want to See

The Switch is so good it’s hard not to want everything on it.

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drunkenspy007238d ago

So good, but so under powered compared to its competitors. This is why you won't see most of the games this person wants on the switch.

gprime238d ago

That was my first thought as soon as I saw monster hunter world in the thumbnail. There is no way that game will run on the switch.

Shiken238d ago

MHW could def run on Switch, and be an excellent portable port.

The problem is that the consessions would be so noticeable that people would be too busy comparing it to the other dedicated console versions to enjoy it for what it is.

Belinker300238d ago

A Westernised Monster Hunter XX perhaps

kevnb238d ago

under powered compared to what portables?

Belinker300238d ago

I'm glad at least someone recognise it as a portable gaming device instead of comparing it to the other big 2 consoles