Playing Video Games With a Legend

Recently Nintendo legend Miyamoto went to a school to teach young kids how to play Wii Music. He spent some time showing the children the different aspects of Wii Music and getting them all involved and interested in this upcoming title. It is actually incredible to watch how fast the kids pick up on the game and are off and playing. What the children do not realize is that they are in the presence of greatness and any adult gamer would love to be in their place, just think of playing video games with Miyamoto like playing catch with Babe Ruth, one of the true fathers of video games.

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taz80803658d ago

These kids are some of the luckiest kids ever and probably wont realize it until years later.

drunkpandas3658d ago

Yeah once they grow up and realize they got to sit down and play stuff with the guy who created some of the best video games of all time... wish I got that opportunity when I was a little kid

taz80803658d ago

This made me look at Wii Music in a different light.

drunkpandas3658d ago

Yeah I've gone from laughing at the game to being fairly intrigued. Nintendo doesn't do things like this without thinking of mass market appeal.

ChickeyCantor3658d ago

I seriously find it hard to believe that only because of this video you people got the idea behind it.

To me it was very clear from the beginning and i saw no reason to bash it at all.
(however ...when was the last time i bashed a game >_>)
Seeing how those kids had fun with Wii-music is just awesome =D.
Kids deserve more fun than anyone else!

To bad Wii-music gets bashed because its not "hardkoresLOLROFLLMAOBBQ& quot;...............

fiercescuba3658d ago

Wii Music to me = epic fail. I can't shake that asshat Ravi having a seizure on stage at E3

taz80803658d ago

Ravi was a scary sight to see but the game makes a lot more sense when you watch little kids playing.

Its kind of like those Croc shoes, cute if kids wear them but creepy if adults wear them.

drunkpandas3658d ago

Yeah, Ravi was a debacle. From early reports, though, I'm hearing that Wii Music is actually a lot of fun. Haven't gotten a ton of hands on time yet, so I'll reserve my own judgement