What is Gaming’s Most Important Genre?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "When people to discuss their things about video games the conversation is often tied to favorite games, series, consoles and experiences that stood out above the rest but one thing is often a big part of these discussions is what genre of video games is “the best”. Of course though, taste is very subjective and there’s a near endless litany of game genres out there, so figuring out which is the best would be an impossible task… but what about the most important to the industry as a whole? What genre serves as the lifeblood of gaming and whose absence would have massive repercussions for all forms of gaming? That’s what we’re here to figure out."

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chrisx304d ago

all genres are equally important.

SegaGamer303d ago

I don't know, i think gaming would be fine without those lazy puzzle mobile games full of microtransactions. Or those farm games full of microtransactions. Who would really miss those games?