The New 'God of War' Game Is Unlike Any You've Played Before | Time

The first hour or so of gameplay exposes a lot about the relationship between Kratos and his son and how it will impact their journey together. What Kratos says to Atreus, how he says them, and the way he looks or doesn’t look at his son when they interact reveals much about their dynamic.

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Neonridr238d ago

is that a good or bad thing? This God of War will be my first.. :P

I feel like a broken record saying this every time a big PS4 release comes along, but such is the case from me missing out on previous Playstation consoles.

NecrumOddBoy238d ago

If you are able to play them, play GOW 1-3. They are so good. The PSP titles are not needed, nor is Acension but all are good for context. But you should at a minimum watch an expedient catch up video in YouTube just in case there are any references in the new one. GOW is goinf ti be vastly different from the Greek Series.

Neonridr238d ago

fair enough, thanks for the advice.

affrogamer238d ago

Ghost of Sparta (PSP) is incredible!! I agree Ascension wasn't good but Ghost of Sparta is just as good as any of the 3 main series on PS2 and 3

Rude-ro237d ago

I disagree about ascension..
Outside of being a good game... there is some answers about Kratos and his family and inner struggles that I found very intriguing.

OB1Biker237d ago

Obviously the guys doing these previews are the ones able to inform you since they played it, and the article is rather short but clear.
They are all excellent previews.

Einhander1971237d ago

They are all brilliant in there own way, I have the PSP remasters Ghost of Sparta is absolutely brilliant. Ascension was the weakest but still amazing. Graphically pushed the PS3 to its limits.