7 Massive Changes That I Noticed Playing The New God Of War

It’s pretty obvious at this point that the new God of War game has some serious differences to any that have come before it, but it’s not until you pick up the game that you realise that almost everything outside of the name and the main character have seen massive changes in design.

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meka2611212d ago

Definitely excited to play this, but they just used the god of war name to get this noticed. To me god of war is a button mashing kill fest, this is going the route that reminds of dark souls.

AspiringProGenji212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

There’s still lots of button mashing here too from what I have seen. There won’t be nothing stopping you from mashing square here like previous games

I believe Dark Souls have set the standard for what hack n slash combat can be, not more swinging swords left and right like a headless chicken. You don’t see many of those games nowadays anymore, and even Ninja Theory went the Methodical route with Hellblade, whose combat is pretty good. So GoW is next to go that route and I don’t see the concerns of some
People at all

InKnight7s212d ago

At last no more silly zoom out climbing stupid thing.
All the changes is pretty far good and amazing to bring more people into it.

DigitalRaptor212d ago

This is how you take a stale formula and re-invent it.

Take note 343i and The Coalition.

Christopher212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Not sure we can say that when:

* t's not released or reviewed and we don't really know how good it is in comparison to the old games.

* It moves from gameplay that actually isn't done much because of how much it dominated the scene to one that is actually more familiar and being used more now.

* The genre was never defined as stale and has people clamoring for more of it with just different abilities and move sets

I think we still need to wait and see how this plays out. It's one thing to have 'faith' but another to throw others under the bus without having seen reviews of the game let alone extended gameplay beyond the introductory areas.

DigitalRaptor212d ago

* PREVIEWS are enough for me. I've read almost all of them and they are all glowing / praise re-direction.

* Its gameplay is more familiar now than old formula, but still different from most action games I've seen.

* Didn't say the genre... just GoW, and Ascension underperformed and burned the series out.

All I'm saying is that we all know GoW needed this kind of treatment, a breath of fresh air, and everything we've seen is becoming of a masterful action game. It would be nice to see those 2 studios I mentioned even try something as bold a re-invention of a series as this new GoW.

AspiringProGenji212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

“The genre was never defined as stale and has people clamoring for more of it with just different abilities and move sets“

Many of the GoW Ascencion reviews stated that the formula was tired, despite that game having the best gameplay with so much addition to the combat (melee attacks, side weapons, a new combo system based on a hit meter that unlocked longer combos, etc). And yet, it is the lowest rated GoW game

It is also the most hated in the series but I bet you my college degree that some people will start saying it was good to shit on the newer game lol. Happens all the time

SR388212d ago

Ok so it's ANOTHER 3rd person shooter style game with less abilities and no more classic Gow? Hmmm I don't know...

Christopher212d ago

Don't know yet if less abilities. There are skill trees and they may be only showing the axe just so the rest is a surprise upon release. Hopefully it is more.

SR388212d ago

Skill trees? So it more mass effect than gow lol ... The game looks rather easy aswell. I'd rather play the old ones I think atm

GNCFLYER212d ago

I lead a pretty busy life so I don't get a lot of hours to play but this is one of those games that I'll shuffle things around for and even lose a few hours sleep.