Future ‘God of War’ games will stick with Norse mythology

In a recent interview, Sony’s Community Strategist revealed that the “God of War” franchise will continue exploring Norse Mythology after the next game’s release.

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Heelix211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Here's to a new series of 'God of War'

Santa Monica breathe new life into the series. I love the direction.

It's good to see an aging franchise evolve.

hulk_bash1987209d ago

Kratos Vs Asgard to bring about Ragnarok would be amazing. But even if it doesnt go in that direction, I am stoked to be getting a new GOW series. April 20th cant come any sooner.

209d ago
-Foxtrot211d ago

Good. No point wasting other mythos so quickly

I'd rather have a trilogy for each one.

Hardiman211d ago

That's exactly what I want! Each pantheon should get its own trilogy. Barlow talking about Egypt and the Aztec sounded exciting! Maybe one day Kratos will visit them.

209d ago
ConsoleGamer209d ago

But i hoped i get to kill thor and odin. But now i can't imagine santa monica moving on with norse mythology without these two still alive.😓

SirBradders209d ago

One by one they will fall, mark my words.

Brazz209d ago

I like the idea, but i hope santa monica can create others " god of wars" besides kratos. I don't care if they are childs of kratos, reincarnations or even clones. I want a new "god of war" build from the ground, a character whit a new story, perhaps Atreus will become the new "god slayer" in the series as kratos dies. It would be prety epic to see kratos death and than Atreus revenge.

FallenAngel1984211d ago

I still don’t want the next God of War game after this to be called God of War 2

It would’ve so much simply just to call this game God of War 4

NecrumOddBoy211d ago

Maybe the next games will have individual titles, something like Fall of the God of War, Rise of Atrius, etc.

Obscure_Observer211d ago


I agree. "God of War" would make sense in case of a reboot. But that´s not the case. Anyway, i´m glad that they will stick to the norse mythology for the forseeable future. Maybe another trilogy?

Brazz209d ago

This is a soft-reboot. You don't need to play previous GoWs, it's a new beginning for kratos as stated by cory barlog.

OB1Biker209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Call it GOD OF W4R then.
What's in a name?
I just think they are done with silly numbers

Ceaser9857361208d ago

The dev said its the Chaper 2 of GOW so they didnt go with with 4 number...

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UCForce209d ago

Another epic trilogy coming.

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The story is too old to be commented.