A Way Out Lasts 7/8 Hours; PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Enhancements Detailed, Devs Explain Switch Absence

Hazelight shared a lot of information regarding A Way Out today via a Reddit AMA, from the game's length to the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X enhancements planned. They also explained why there's no Nintendo Switch version.

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Neonridr1830d ago

lol, don't you need a second controller for co-op regardless of which console? Nobody was expecting to each use a joycon on the Switch. Strange answer there.

Alexious1830d ago

Agreed with you. It's probably more of a technical issue to port it with such a small team.

Neonridr1830d ago

yeah, I mean they did go on to say that the Switch came out part way through development. And yes, I have no doubts that they would have had to optimize the game to work with the reduced horsepower. But the controller point was just so random.

_-EDMIX-_1830d ago

@neo- I don't think it mattered when in development the switch was released because I just don't believe this game was going to appear on the system regardless.

I mean that excuse could only last for so long you have to question why are the games coming out this fall not having switch versions?

Hybrid791829d ago

Grow up Switch is less powerful but much more modern and in terms of performance Switch will match xbox 1 easy on any game given the same budget.

Neonridr1829d ago

@EDMIX - I have no doubt that it might prove challenging, but then why not just say that? Many devs have said that porting their games to the system may prove impossible. Why even bother throwing out that random controller thing. Nobody expects every co-op game to work with only a single joycon on the Switch. It's cool when it works, but some games are too complex for only "half" a controller. Just like co-op on PS4/XB1 is required to use another separate controller, the same can be said of the Switch.

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IamTylerDurden11830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I'm excited to play A Way Out with my Fiance, $29.99 is a great deal for both of us to experience it. 7-8 hours is adequate for the money, i just hope it gets decent reviews.

Neonridr1830d ago

it looks awesome, and as you said, if it scratches the old co-op itch I will definitely look at picking it up for my PS4. I wish my wife would play games like your fiance does.. my wife tends to draw the line at Mario games (or others that only require like two or three buttons, lol)

Kribwalker1830d ago

yeah i’ve been waiting for decent couch co-op games to play with my wife. This one looks like it could be a gem

KillBill1829d ago

I think the point was on the idea of the switch's primary concept being that of a single player experience where you take it on the go. Though advertisements for the switch do point to a multiplayer experience concept as well.

KingKionic 1830d ago

I thought this game was 12-15 hours.

This is about as long as a COD/Battlefield campaign.

KaiPow1830d ago

That's not a terrible length for a co-op game.

IamTylerDurden11830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


Far Cry? Terrible comparison. FC is a $60 open world game, A Way Out is a $30 linear adventure. Far Cry achieves much of its length through very repetitive means. Find an outpost, liberate it. Find an outpost, liberate it. Rinse, repeat. A Way Out is a linear, narrative based game and 8 hours is plenty for that type of game at $29.99.

combatcash1830d ago

TBH 7 to 8 hours is good for a 60 or 30$ game. It all depends on the quality.

Alexious1830d ago

True, but in the end it will only matter if it's good or not. Also, it's a $29 game.

IamTylerDurden11829d ago

It's longer than Hellblade, the game that certain people all of a sudden love because it's coming to another console.

Cybermario1830d ago

given if that is true makes sense, not making people waste in an extra controller for one game seems legit, i suspect there are other hardware complications but they dont want to stir drama on the hardware limitations, i dont know.

Neonridr1830d ago

don't you need another controller if you were playing it on PS4 or XB1?

Darkwatchman1830d ago

But the whole “shtick” of the switch is that each player can have fun playing a game together with one side of the joycon. That’s part of why they’re detachable. So that one person uses one joy con and the other uses another. One joycon does not have enough inputs to play a proper game like this.

Neonridr1830d ago

while that's possible, it's not expected..

Kribwalker1830d ago

A second controller for the switch isn’t that big of a deal, I feel If you are gonna play the switch for extended periods the Pro Controller is a must, so much more comfortable,

but i agree it’s probably due to hardware limitations and the team size

Hybrid791829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

No kid your stirring up hardware issues that are not there Switch maybe less powerful in raw numbers but it is not less capable performance wise as Switch was built with low power high performance,Xbox 1 is medium power with medium performance....END OF.

blawren41829d ago

dark watchman. The whole schtick about the Switch is the ability to switch from TV to handheld by removing the joycons.

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LavaLampGoo1830d ago

Oh me and my coop bestie will love this

ChristMustDie1830d ago

I expected this game to be shorter, to be honest. I'm so glad devs are making co-op games like this. I can't wait to play it.

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