Firmware 5.0 Demo: PlayStation Store on PSP

On a related note, the PS3 firmware update (2.50) will add Flash Player 9 support to the PS3 Web browser, so you'll be able to actually watch this video (and all of our blog videos) on your PS3 once the firmware goes live!

In addition, I want to point out that the PlayStation Network is scheduled to be unavailable in North America today from 11AM to 4PM PST due to essential maintenance work.

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chaosatom5527d ago (Edited 5527d ago )

Sony must have thought less updates more features.
instead of doing like 2.45 or something, they went straight to 2.5.

The one thing I really like about Sony is that they listen to consumers. I know that they haven't delivered on the cross-chat features, but they did say that they are working on it, so fingers' crossed.

It's great to see the retail games and downloadable games, the firmware updates, to deliver.

IT"S OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED THAT FLASH SUPPORT WILL COME WITH FIRMWARE 2.5, just for guys that had doubts on eurogamer.

sinncross5527d ago

To really sweeten the deal that would make the PS3 be able to play .flv files.

Also, they should put flash 9 support on 5.0 for the PSP with .flv playabck support.

then we will be talking! and maybe trophy support and being able to synch the ps3 to psp so it carries ur friends list etc.

then, get home onto psp... the sooner Sony are able to let users sync their PSP/ PS3 the better... then both become a collective unit while remaining as two different forms of playing games.

Johnny Rotten5527d ago

is it true that PSP 2000 owners will be able to play games on thier TV with the standard AV cables?

Nitrowolf25527d ago

Flash player 9 official?
that really good, now i can see a bunch of site that are not youtube

Bren865527d ago

Did they really need to make a video showing the store on the psp.


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phoenixwing2d ago

I beat them all with my fists and no hits were taken. What do you mean you don't believe me? I used a guitar hero controller!!!

qalpha2d ago

I used the Jungle Beat Bongos from my Gamecube

The_Hooligan1d 19h ago

I just made my character look like Chuck Norris.

qalpha2d ago

All the bosses are only from Dark Souls. No Bloodborne, Sekiro, Elden Ring, or Demon Souls